EDGING and the Law of Attraction

EDGING and the Law of Attraction

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus takes the opportunity to respond to an online inquiry related to the subject of edging. A corresponder wants to know more about her application of that technique where it applies to manifestation and The Law of Attraction. Venus begins by explaining that she uses edging during self-love sessions to better realise her desires.

Venus defines edging as stimulating herself, during masturbation, very nearly to the point of climax. Then, she reduces the intensity of the stimulation before increasing it again. This cycle is repeated several times before it results in an explosive, more powerful than usual, orgasm. This technique can be used as a solo discipline or as a ‘power-game’ played with a partner in the form of orgasm denial. Indeed, she knows of one instance where a friend of hers deploys edging with a partner only to postpone the critical point indefinitely.


Venus goes on to say that Edging is a wonderful way to protract the process of solo stimulation until the wild reality of a superlatively intense orgasm can be realised. This is an orgasm that almost always supersedes any ordinary one achieved without edging.


Venus explains that she doesn’t consciously practise edging when masturbating for manifestation. Rather, edging occurs as an almost intuitive process within the framework of her ongoing approach to conscious self-love. It has been this way for approximately eighteen months. Because Venus is a professional sex toy tester and a devotee of The Law of Attraction, she discovered just how powerful edging can be. The release of sexual energy that occurs as a consequence of it can be used to manifest her desires while still fulfilling all of her responsibilities as a sex toy tester. It has enabled her to more fully realise the potentials inherent in the rest of her life.


Her edging technique is formal and rigorous. She begins her masturbation process by identifying a specific intention. This would be based upon one of the seventeen affirmations that she is currently working with. In addition, she listens to binaural beats – a form of recorded music that can influence brain-waves and mental/physical states. Venus recommends frequencies appropriate for the process of manifestation. Listening to the audio component of online affirmation videos can also be a great help.


Then, she returns to her initial intention and imagines that she has already manifested it. Accessing the imagined feelings attendant upon that visualised achievement leads to the next stage. She eroticises the process by exploiting some arousing psychological triggers that she is well aware have the capacity to ‘get her off.’ This routine takes time and no small amount of concentration. At this time, self-love sessions take a lot longer than they did two years ago when using psychological triggers alone enabled her ’to get to the end of the race’ in ten minutes flat.


Now, she relishes the expanded experience with its heady brew of thoughts, feelings, alternative scenarios, physical sensations and triggers built-in. Those triggers can be potent on their own and, as her body reacts to them, an orgasm can become imminent almost by accident. If her intention hasn’t been considered enough, in her view, she ‘brings it down again’ and reasserts the previous pattern. This is her interpretation of edging.


In this way, Venus doesn’t intend to provoke that pre-orgasmic moment. It’s more the case that it’s an active inevitability because of the eroticised mental, and spiritual, context. She acknowledges the role played by ‘the great toys that I’m testing and my imagination-which is always very effective.’ She repeats the process of edging several times. When she has fulfilled the requirements of her intention, and she is ready to have an orgasm, she channels all of her energy into thoughts that surround that intention.


When the orgasm has subsided, Venus cups her vulva, regains control over the rhythm of her breathing until it has returned to normal, and ponders her intention once more.


It is Venus’ ongoing contention that sexual energy is enormously powerful. In her opinion, ‘sex isn’t taboo because it’s bad or sinful. It’s taboo because of its power. It could and should be used for constructive purposes.’


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