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Dual Pleasure Satisfyer – Sex Toy Review

I must confess that white is one of my least favourite colours for a sex toy. I would never consciously choose to wear white either. I guess it’s a good job I never got married. 


Not that sex toy colour should matter too much. For most people, it only matters at the moment of purchase because when you are using it, all you care about is functionality and orgasms. 


But for me, it’s a bit different. 


When I’m thinking of my ideal sex toy colours, I’m thinking about how they will stand out or complement the orgasmic breakfast photos that I post on Instagram. My current dining table is white, so white toys, although they may be super orgasmic, do not look as good as they could. 

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I found a solution to this problem by buying some bright placemats so I can make any sex toy look as appealing as my breakfasts. 


Dual Pleasure from Satisfyer is a very appealing sex toy, even without the orgasmic breakfast. It is a 2 in 1 sex toy that provides air pulse stimulation on one side for the clitoris. The other end is gently curved and there is a vibrating motor in the tip, which is perfect for clitoral stimulation or G spot stimulation. 


It is compatible with the Satisfyer Connect App so you can control it with your mobile phone, tablet or even your Apple Watch. The App allows you to create your own pleasure programmes, the toy can respond to ambient sounds such as the TV, your lover’s voice or even roadworks! You can also import your Spotify playlists and have them stimulate you as you listen to your favourite songs. The most orgasmic feature is the ‘remote partner’ feature which means you can connect with a partner through the app, have a video chat and let them take control of your device. You can also control theirs if they have one. 

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PACKAGING: Dual Pleasure is presented in a hard box with a hygiene seal. It also contains a magnetic charging cable and 3 leaflets. A user manual, safety information and guarantee, information. The guarantee lasts for 15 years. 


MATERIAL: It is made of silicone and ABS. Compatible with water-based lubricant. It is also waterproof which means that it is easy to clean and you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: The air pulse ranges from gentle to strong and the vibration is strong, deep and rumbly, even on the lowest setting. 


NOISE LEVEL: Silent-moderate, depending on the settings used. 

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USABILITY: very intuitive. To use it manually, there are three buttons. Two that control the air pulse and a wave button to control the vibration. They are controlled separately which also means that you have to switch both off separately. 


Thanks to its curved shape, when you are using the air pulse stimulator, you can also enjoy vibration at the same time, if you hold it at the end of the air pulse stimulator. I describe this more in detail in the video below. 


To use the device with the app, simply press the power button for 4 seconds and then it will vibrate twice and the light will flash, letting you know that it is ready to pair. Open the app on your phone or tablet and follow the instructions on the screen. You can create your own pleasure programmes with the app which can be a lot of fun as the manual settings of the air pulse only have continuous settings. With the app, you can create pulsations, waves and even fast pulsating throbbing sensations. This, combined with the different possibilities of the vibrating motor, can be divine. You can even connect with a partner long distance, use the ‘ambient sound’ setting and have the toy respond to any sounds around you. With a partner next to you, this could be a lot of fun during a tickling session… You can also import your Spotify playlists and the device can vibrate along to your favourite music. 


If you wish to use the toy with the Apple Watch, you must disconnect it from your phone first within the app and in your phone’s BlueTooth settings list of devices. The watch is ideal for close-range control but you cannot connect with a partner long-distance, unfortunately, 

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: Epic. I absolutely loved this product. Especially because I was able to enjoy both motors at the same time. 


PROS: Amazing motors. Excellent value for money. 15 years guarantee. Hygiene seal on the packaging. 


CONS: If you want to use both motors, you have to hold the toy at the base which isn’t the most ergonomic way to hold it. This is because the handle vibrates as the motor is located in the tip at the other end. 




  • Air pulse clitoral stimulation.
  • Vibrating clitoral stimulation. 
  • G spot stimulation. 
  • Long-distance fun with a partner. 


For more information about Dual Pleasure, visit www.satisfyer.com 

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