Double Wander – An App-Controlled Wand Massager from Satisfyer – Review


I knew I was going to love this wand massager. This is because the category of wand massagers might be one of my favourites as far as sex toys are concerned. I prefer indirect clitoral stimulation and stimulation that isn’t limited to the clitoral glans. After all, most of the clitoris is actually inside the body, inside the labia, therefore a wand massager that is in contact with the whole vulva offers a more complete stimulation. 


The Double Wand-er from Satisfyer is equipped with two interchangeable heads: a classic, round massage attachment as well as an attachment for stimulating the G-spot. The shape and size of the G spot component is not too big but it is big enough to be effective and orgasmic. 


Double Wander provides powerful deep, rumbly vibrations. Even though it is strong, it won’t leave you numb afterwards. It offers all the virtues of a conventional wand massager and some new modern features such as being compatible with the Satisfyer Connect app. This means that you can create your own patterns, you can use it with a partner long distance, import your Spotify playlists and have it respond to your favourite tunes and much more. 

PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard box with a hygiene seal. Inside the box, you will find a magnetic USB charging cable, a user guide in several languages, some safety information and some guarantee information. 


MATERIAL: The handle is made of ABS plastic and the heads are made of silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. Thanks to its waterproof finish, this toy can be used safely in the bath or the shower and it is easy to clean. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From moderate to super strong. Despite this, it does not produce a numbing effect that can be common with many wand massagers. 

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate. If you live with people, this might not be the best option for you. Check out my video below for a soundcheck. 


USABILITY: A full charge takes 6.5 hours and that will provide over an hour of pleasure. You can charge it without attaching the head. It offers all the benefits of a classic wand massager as well as some modern tweaks. It can be controlled via an app or used manually.  When used manually, there are ten different patterns and six levels of intensity. 


When used with the app, there are infinite pleasure possibilities.  You can create your own patterns and save them. There is even a Remotyca feature which is an erotic audio stories archive. You can listen to a story and have the vibration respond and intensify at key moments in the narrative. As you are listening, you can ignite your imagination as you enjoy some physical stimulation at the same time.  You can even connect with a partner long-distance and have them take control of your toy. This is ideal for long-distance relationships or if one of you is travelling and you wish to experience intimacy from far away. 


Check out my video below for some more user tips and tricks and a complete soundcheck. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Thanks to the shape and size of the head which stimulates the whole vulva as well as the clitoral glans, the strength of the motor, it couldn’t fail. It also felt amazing with the G spot attachment. Very repeat-worthy. 


PROS: Intuitive to use manually. Ergonomic shape. Super strong motor without numbing. 2 heads. Compatible with the Satisfyer Connect app. Waterproof. 


CONS: Not silent. Charging takes a long time. 


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♬ I Put A Spell On You – Annie Lennox



  • Superior quality clitoral stimulation. 
  • All-over body massage. 
  • G spot stimulation. 
  • Anal stimulation. 


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