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Domi 2 Lovense – My Strongest Mini Wand Massager – Sex Toy Review

Domi 2 from Lovense is my strongest mini wand massager. I have used it so many times ever since I first received it in 2021. I’m a huge fan of wand massagers in general. I love their strength and the fact that they generally stimulate a greater surface area than a bullet vibrator. My preferred sensations are stimulation of as much of the vulva as possible and not just the clitoral glans. That’s why I love wand massagers so much. 

Domi 2

It’s true that wand massages tend to be big and bulky and not the most travel-friendly or discreet sex toys. There are many mini wand massagers around that attempt to provide the same type of stimulation but with reduced dimensions, for practical reasons. Unfortunately, most of them fail miserably as they are no way near as strong as a full-size wand massager. 


I’m pleased to report that Lovense has managed to overcome this issue successfully thanks to Domi 2. It is definitely my strongest mini wand massager and it may be one of my strongest wand massagers as it can definitely compete with the big ones. 


It is comfortable to hold. And compared to its predecessor, Domi, the antenna as well as using a new generation Bluetooth chip have been updated to significantly improve connectivity. I don’t actually have Domi, but with a doubt, one of the most exciting improvements is a bigger battery that extends the wand’s battery life offering 5-6 hours of continuous use. How amazing is that?! 

Domi 2

Despite having literally hundreds of sex toys, I often find that my favourites all need charging at the same time. It’s great that you can get lots of orgams out of Domi 2 before it needs charging, 


Another orgasmc feature is the flexible neck which allows you to move the toy around to vary the friction and pressure during massages and/or clitoral stimulation. 


PACKAGING: Domi 2 is presented in a hard box that also contains a USB charging cable and a user guide. The packaging is plastic-free. 


MATERIAL: Silicone. IPX6 Water-Resistant. You can wash to tpy but don’t use it in the bath or the shower. Compatible with water-based lubricants. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Moderate to mega strong. 

Domi 2

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate. Not so bad considering how strong it is. 


USABILITY: 5-6 Hours of Continuous Use It is fairly intuitive to use. When used manually, I found that there was a big jump in intensity between level one and two. Luckily, it is possible to programme your own patterns with the Lovense Remote App. 


More about the app: 

Domi 2

You can use it with: 

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 11.0 and later
  •  Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  •  Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  •  Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)


Despite the many ways to use it, what impresses me the most is the extra long-lasting battery power, the flexible neck, the powerful motor and its discreet size. The only reason I need to use the app is to modify the intensity of the vibration as the intensity increases a bit too much for me. 


The app is also perfect for long distance control. Personally, that’s not a requirement of mine at this stage of my life, but if circumstances change, I’d gladly give it a whirl with my future Mars O’Hara. 

Domi 2

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Incredible.I seriously love it and I’ve used it so many times. Highly repeat-worthy. 




  • All-over body massages solo or with a partner. 
  • High-quality, intense clitoral stimulation. 
  • Long distance control. 
  • Demanding people looking for a high-quality mini wand massager. 


Get your own Domi 2 from Lovense here

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