Does Reiki Really Work? My Second Experience

Does Reiki Really Work? My Second Experience

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus returns to the subject of Reiki.


Some of her friends had amazing experiences with it. They’d had Reiki practitioners:  ‘who were in tune with their energy and who had read them.’ Others had experiences where: ’nothing really happened.’


Venus’ first experience with Reiki was a little bit underwhelming: ‘Is that it?’ The reason that she made the appointment was to address her issues around nervousness and a lack of sleep. After the session, she obtained a ‘crystal prescription’. Although she slept better the day after her first Reiki experience, it was unclear whether it had been the source of the improvement or if the crystal had contributed. She speculates that: ‘ it might have been a placebo, but a placebo worked.’



Venus shot this video during her recent yoga retreat. On the first day, a woman called Deborah approached everyone. She offered Reiki. Venus had heard really good things about her. She decided to give Reiki a second chance.


Venus had her Reiki session with Deborah on her second day at the retreat. This time it was very different: ‘I would definitely feel the energy when she was working on me.’ Deborah kept returning, intuitively, to Venus’ perceived problem areas. They were related to sleeplessness, anxiety and a frequent bladder issue.


When it was all over, Venus couldn’t help succumbing to her pent-up emotions. She didn’t know exactly why but it was a profound relief. In general, Venus is very happy with her life and the direction it’s going. As a result of her second Reiki experience, she feels that there is still a need to: ‘work through different emotions and let them out.’


Venus is glad that she was motivated to give Reiki another go. She intends to revisit it in the future.

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