Discovering The Fourth Hole (Foot Fetish)

Discovering The Fourth Hole (Foot Fetish)

Recently, after enjoying a pedicure and the pampering that goes with it, I wanted to celebrate. I realised that there was really only one way to do it properly. If I really wanted to showcase my freshly-painted toenails and my new softer soles then discovering the power of my fourth hole was the best way.

I cannot deny that I had an ulterior motive; those lubricants I needed to test, and review, had been waiting long enough. When you are a sex toy tester, it becomes inevitable that you will end up mixing business with pleasure or vice versa. Fortunately, I had a more than willing accomplice.

4th hole foot fetish 1
Later, I laid down on my bed face up and I ordered him to remain standing at the foot so I could see him. “Strip” I ordered and he complied. I extended my long legs and pointed my toes at his vulnerable thighs. I ignored his genitalia completely and he became a little frustrated, trying to grab my teasing ankles.

“Wait” I warned him and I resumed my intention of working him up in my own good time.

I pressed my big toes into the tops of his legs and drew invisible designs on his thighs and then, going upwards, up and down his abdomen. My talented toes begin to close in on his ever more impressive stiffness.

Then, I broke contact and edged backwards a little, bringing my feet together as he stared at them. I constructed my temporary fourth hole with my arches and I began to tease the tip of his bulging member with my new opening. He forgot himself and attempted to thrust his hardness through the hole too quickly.

I held him fast and glared at him.”Wait” I warned him again.

4th hole foot fetish 3

I relaxed my fourth hole and he resumed his position. I enclosed him and began to work his length with my fourth hole. My arches were tickled by the rhythmic motions but it was not just that sensation that appealed to me. I became aware that a committed footjob wasn’t just about his pleasure; it was a great way to work on my abdominal muscles, thighs and calves as well.

It was only when I happened to glance at him and saw that he was drooling like a puppy that I remembered the lubricant. I interrupted my pleasuring of him and ordered him to smear a little new lube on my feet, a drop or two fell to the floor.

“You’ll clean that up later” I murmured. He nodded in reply but his eyes were half closed and I knew that, in that moment, that he would probably agree to anything.

4th hole foot fetish 4


I resumed my, ever more confident, foot job technique. It was now easier to stimulate him although the slight sloppiness meant that he slipped out of my fourth hole from time to time. I constricted my feet and increased the pressure on him. He responded to the friction with moans and sighs.

fourth hole

He became dangerously rigid then;I knew it wouldn’t be very long before he exploded. His face was beyond tense and my stomach fluttered in response. My sensitised groin decided to join in with the festivities.

4th hole foot fetish 2

Then, I sped up beyond his ability to resist me.

He shot through my fourth hole and decorated my breasts and belly with hot droplets.

As soon as I eased my feet apart, the fourth hole vanished.

Although it quickly became a piece of the past, it only takes a moment now to summon up its potentials once more.

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