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Downblouse Fetish photos by Mr Tickle BCN

Downblouse Fetish

Downblouse is a variety of sexual fetishism or voyeurism. It’s based on the opportunity, provided by some types of women’s clothing, for men to peer down and enjoy watching their breasts unobtrusively. It might take the form of making unauthorised digital photographs down the open top of a female’s dress, blouse or other garment. The value of ‘downblousing’ imagery is increased, from the collector’s perspective, when those pictures of breasts or cleavages are obtained thanks to random chance.

The practice is regarded as a form of sexual fetishism or voyeurism and is similar in nature to the phenomenon of ‘upskirting’. In either case, however, the easy availability of smartphone camera technology has dramatically increased the sense of voyeuristic opportunism that’s such an important aspect of this kink.

I wanted to experiment with this type of fetish imagery, so I chose to wear a black bra underneath a translucent blouse. That hint of dark lace combined with the availability of my pale cleavage seemed ideal to entice the interest of a passing voyeur.

Subtlety is essential when knowingly providing downblouse provocations; less is definitely more. Offering up a large cleavage would be clumsy and counter-productive. A discreet downblouse voyeur would go out of his way to hide his interest in the tiniest details of your partially uncovered breasts. He’d avert his gaze in an instant if he even suspected that you’d uncovered his clandestine observations.

The Voyeur Part 3 - Downblouse Fetish-0004

Promoting my downblouse was a technique that I finessed in my days of selling real estate. I deployed it to finalise sales at the critical moment when a male customer might’ve hesitated. I never used short skirts or lingerie to win them over: just my understated, but apparent, cleavage. I emphasised it by wearing a frilly, translucent blouse with a ‘nipple-transparency’ bra underneath. This ensemble was ideal as a balance between provocative and professional.

As the temperature builds and we get closer to summer, each month means another button on my blouse is popped open. A ‘downblouse gap’ isn’t just appropriate for the conditions-it’s essential to stay cool. And the simple fact that I can attract all that extra attention to my breasts is another major benefit.

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