Dalia from Desirables – Review

Dalia from Desirables – Sex Toy Review

“Our dildos are made from the finest Limoges porcelain” – I read on the Desirables Instagram feed the other day. As a Francophile, I was well aware of the virtues of Limoges porcelain, but I had never been particularly concerned about it – until now.

Although I’m a Brit in Spain, the French language was my first foreign love. When I was 18, doing my A levels, I went to Limoges as part of a French exchange programme. ‘It’s famous for its porcelain,’ my French teacher explained to me. To be honest, I couldn’t have cared less about porcelain back then. Limoges was also home to the Chateaux de la Loire and I had the opportunity to visit several of them. Being part of a tour, where the guide spoke French, was like listening to short-wave radio as I could only fully comprehend the occasional word. I have to confess that I wasn’t really listening that attentively anyway. I was busy thinking about my boyfriend back in the UK. I had lost my virginity to him just a few months earlier and I was still blissfully enjoying vaginal orgasms. I can honestly say that I’d never felt greater joy in my life than the experience of penetration gave me. I longed to get my French exchange visit over and done with, so I could go home and feel him inside me again.  

I never considered that a Limoges porcelain dildo could’ve been just what I’d needed back then. The trip would’ve gone much more quickly, if only I’d known about this exquisite, penetrative, object.

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I’ve tested a fair few porcelain dildos in my time, and I have to confess that Dalia from Desirables is by far the best. Some of the previous ones have been hollow and more suited to external temperature play shenanigans with a willing partner. This one, on the other hand, is solid and feels much safer for penetration than others that I’ve tried.

MATERIAL: Limoges porcelain. Compatible with any lubricant. This material is ideal for anyone who prefers to use natural products. It’s very easy to clean too. You can even wash it in your dishwasher – alongside your plates that may, or may not be, made of Limoges porcelain themselves.

PACKAGING: Dalia is presented in an elegant box that is ideal if offered as a gift. It also contains a storage pouch and a detailed instructions manual.

porcelain dildos, g spot stimulation, kegel exercises, sex toy reviews, venusohara, venus o'hara, venusohara.org

USABILITY: It feels heavy and cool to the touch and is ideally suited to temperature play. You can make some tea and rest it in the cup for a few moments. Alternatively, you can place it in a glass of cold water and enjoy some thrilling caresses all over your body as part of a foreplay scenario with a willing partner.

If you want to heat it up to body temperature before getting it close to your nether regions, simply hold it between your thighs, or your armpit, until it warms up.

If you insert the pointier end, its shape is ideal for G spot stimulation. Move it in circles, thrust it inside or use it hands-free. The best results can be obtained when it’s used in conjunction with a separate clitoral stimulator or your fingers (or a partner’s tongue) to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

The other smaller and rounder end is ideal for kegel exercises. There are more tips on how to use Dalia as a pelvic floor trainer in the very detailed booklet.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I lay back, closed my eyes and remembered my French exchange trip to Limoges. I recalled how I still hadn’t learned to resolve my urgent sexual desires on my own. I still believed, back then, that my itch could only be scratched by being penetrated by my boyfriend. At the time,I was counting the days to go home. But now, looking back, I felt sweet nostalgie as I reminisced about my time in Limoges and all the fine porcelain that I observed but was too young and inexperienced to appreciate. Now, years later I still maintain that there’s nothing quite like penetration. It was at the precise moment when I conceded that fact that I exploded.

PROS: Luxury packaging, luxurious product, bodysafe material. Versatile.

CONS: What cons?


  • G spot stimulation.
  • Temperature-play.
  • When you crave penetration.
  • Kegel exercises.
  • People who are concerned about the materials used to manufacture sex toys.

Get your very own Dalia from Desirables here.

1 thought on “Dalia from Desirables – Review”

  1. Hi Venus!

    I was thinking to buy the Desirables Dalia. Long story short, I’ve been getting increasingly disenchanted with “high quality” silicone dildos. There always seems to be a problem (skin flaps, poor casting technique, badly cut base) that results in me eventually throwing it away. Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts are on this dildo and its “realism.” I do like dual density and firmer silicone (like 8A-ish).

    I know that porcelain is obviously harder, but I figure if it is warmed up and I use a silicone-based lube, I could maybe “trick” my mind into thinking it’s the real thing? It’s def not as slippery as glass/metal and has more skin-like drag from what I’ve heard. I am a virgin, so I don’t really have a reference per say when it comes to erections.

    I just want a great dildo that will outlast me AND be realistic as much as it can! Thank you in advance for your thoughts. 🙂

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