Curvy Trinity 2 from Satisfyer – Review

It was a Sunday afternoon when I went down to the beach in Barcelona with my Curvy Trinity 2 from Satisfyer. I knew there would be loads of people out and that passrsby would recognise the orgasmic device that I had in my possession. 


I’m on a mission to make the most of my orgasmic location a bit more as far as my content is concerned. This means that I’m going to take photos and short videos of the sex toys that I review. 

I knew that people would know what it was because the Satisfyer Pro 2 has been featured so many times on the TV that everyone is aware of its virtues. Thankfully, I took the pictures I needed with roaring waves in the background in no time at all. I got so into it that I was oblivious to the crowd around me. 


Curvy Trinity 2 can be used in a variety of ways. The end with the air pulse stimulation provides superior clitoral stimulation. It also feels nice on the nipples. The other end features a short bulbous phallus that vibrates and is ideal for stimulating the G spot if you use it internally, or even the clitorial if you use it externally. You can even use it to massage other parts of the body. 


There are several Curvy Trinity toys from Satisfyer. When I saw them on a screen, I couldn’t appreciate their differences, but now that I have received them, I can tell you the main difference is the shape, length and girth of the vibrating, insertable component. This is fairly short compared to the others, but you don’t need to penetrate deeply to locate the G spot. I actually loved this shape. I’ll let you know how the others are in due course. 


PACKAGING: Curvy Trinity 2 is presented in a hard box with a perforated hygiene seal. It also contains a magnetic charging cable, a multilingual user guide, safety information and a guarantee information leaflet. 


MATERIAL: It is made of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. It is waterproof so you can enjoy some orgasmic baths and showers with it. It also means that it is easy to clean.  

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: The air pulse motor has 11 intensity levels that run from gentle to strong. The vibration is moderate to strong. 


NOISE LEVEL: The most silent experience is when you use the air pulse on its own. If you use the vibrating motor, it is moderate. See the video review below for a soundcheck. And to check out the Barcelona beach! 

USABILITY: Very intuitive. The shape is very ergonomic to hold, no matter which end you use. The 2 motors can be used individually. This means that if you use them together, you will have to press 2 buttons to switch it off. If you use it lying down, it can be used hands-free, thanks to its ergonomic curve. If you wish to enjoy vibration and air pulse stimulation at the same time, 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: The orgasm with the air pulse stimulator was phenomenal. With the vibrator, I needed to use it externally and enjoy the side of the toy that provided indirect stimulation to my clitoris in order to reach climax. 


PROS: Versatile. Ergonomic. Excellent value for money. Exquisite orgasms. Waterproof. Original design.


CONS: Charging takes a long time – 3 hours to charge for 60 minutes of operating time. 



  • Air pulse clitoral stimulation. 
  • Vibration for direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. 
  • G spot stimulation. 
  • Massaging other parts of the body. 

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