Curvy 3 Satisfyer Sex Toy Review

Last time I used Curvy 3, I was about to enjoy an amazing, sheet gripping orgasm, and then the battery ran out. I tutted in frustration but I only had myself to blame. I had already used quite it a few times without recharging it. What did I expect? 


My frustration only made me want it even more. I was really enjoying the combination of its rumbly vibration combined with the air pulse stimulation. I was noticing that I could feel the vibration much more than with Curvy 1 or 2 and I was loving it. 


Instead of recharging the toy, waiting and starting over,  I decided to reach for another Satisfyer toy instead to finish what Curvy 3 had started. But I must be honest, I was wishing that it was Curvy 3. I was fantasising about Curvy 3, it was almost as if I was being mentally unfaithful. 


Curvy 3 from Satisfyer is a sophisticated clitoral stimulator that uses air pulse technology and vibrations to provoke delicious orgasms. The motors can be used independently and you can use Curvy 3 manually or with the new Satisfyer Connect App for solo play or you can get your partner to control it for you from a distance. 

PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard box that is ideal for offering as a gift or for storing the toy. It has a hygiene seal. Inside, you will also find a multilingual user guide, safety information, guarantee information and a magnetic charging cable. Interestingly, the guarantee lasts for 15 years! 


MATERIAL: It is made of ABS and silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant. Curvy 3 is also waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From gentle to strong depending on your chosen intensities, 


NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. Check out the video below for a sound check 

USABILITY: Very easy to use. To use manually, there are three buttons. One for the vibration motor and the other two control the air pulse motor. Therefore you can use them separately or together as you prefer. You can also press for main power button for several seconds to switch off both motors. There are 10 vibration patterns and 11 levels of intensity of the air pulse stimulation. 


What makes Curvy 3 stand out from Curvy 1 and Curvy 2 is its shape. The nozzle is less ‘cushioned’ than the others and interestingly, I can feel the vibrating motor much more with Curvy 3. In addition thanks to its flat, curved shape it can also be enjoyed as a lay-on vibrator. You can use the flatter part for indirect stimulation or the edge if you prefer a more direct approach. For this reason, Curvy 3 is much more versatile than Curvy 1 & 2. 

You can use Curvy 3 with the Satisfyer Connect App. You can control it with your own mobile phone or tablet, or even with the Apple Watch. One of the most fun features of the app is the remote partner feature which allows you to connect with a partner and let them take control of your toy. If you don’t have a partner, there is the possibility of meeting a stranger through the app and getting them to press your buttons instead. 


The app also allows you to create and share your own pleasure programmes as well as many more exciting features. See the video below for more information. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I’ve enjoyed many orgasms thanks to Curvy 2. I love the fact that the vibration is more noticeable and that I can also use it as a lay on. 


PROS: Versatile shape. Smooth texture. Waterproof. Silent. Excellent value for money. Compatible with Satisfyer App


CONS: The buttons are hard to feel if using manually. 



  • Intense clitoral stimulation using air pulse stimulation and vibration. 
  • Using as a lay-on vibrator. 
  • Demanding women with limited budgets. 
  • Using with a partner long-distance with the app. 


For more information about Curvy 3, visit 


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