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Cunnilinguistic Curiosity by Venus O’Hara

Cunnilinguistic Curiosity

The longing I feel as I’m about to share this story with you, dear listener, is almost unbearable. It’s driving me wild.

I’m sitting in a silent library surrounded by freelancers typing away and concentrating on their respective professional projects. I can see computer screens with databases, video editing software and other technical tasks whereas I am about to fill an empty Word document with the super hot details of a recent encounter with oral sex. 

This is exciting.  

In order to get my creative juices flowing, I’m listening to Madonna on my headphones. The ‘Erotica’ album, to be precise. There’s a song called: ‘Where Life Begins,’ where she sings about the virtues of vulva worship. As I listen to the lyrics, I’m not sure if I’m getting inspired or distracted. 

I take a deep breath to get in the zone. I start typing and I begin by setting the scene for my narrative.  I let my mind be fully transported back to the time and the place that has become a source of erotic inspiration.

All of a sudden, I’m back there. I’m on my sofa, lying face up. He is kneeling on the floor and he opens my thighs. I throw my head back and close my eyes as I suddenly notice his wet tongue tip gently getting to work on my eager clitoris. His warm breath against my vulva makes me tingle and I sigh with relief. 

I’m so thrilled that this is finally happening because the cunnilinguistic curiosity had been building inside me for quite some time. This is because, during one of our very first conversations, he confessed that he was really into going down on a woman. When he said this, naturally, my attention was piqued and I had to cross my legs under the table as I listened attentively while he spoke. I couldn’t help imagining what it might be like to be on the receiving end of his obvious oral enthusiasm. 

And now I am.

I close my eyes and just feel. I open my thighs even wider to facilitate his access to my most sensitive parts. I occasionally whisper subtle instructions such as ‘slower’ as well as encouraging words so that he can tailor his technique to my tastes. 

Soon enough, my body starts to react to his attention. My breathing is getting deeper and faster. I can also feel my thighs and my entire pelvic floor muscles tensing involuntarily as my state of arousal progresses. I place my hand on his at the top of my thigh. I squeeze it slightly in an attempt to express my deep gratitude for this intimate gift that he is bestowing upon me.

I allow myself to get lost in the moment and relish every sensation on offer. Part of me doesn’t want it to end whereas another part of me is craving climax. After a while, however, the latter wins. 

I want to come. 

I engage my pelvic floor muscles and rhythmically contract and relax them in order to intensify my pleasure as his expert tongue is still working on me. My thighs start to tremble involuntarily and within no time, I reach that delicious point where I can feel that my release is inevitable. 

All of a sudden, my pelvis proceeds to bounce up and down with uncontrollable delight in response to the intense orgasm that I’ve been anticipating. I throw my head back and I arch my back as a result of the eruption of ecstasy taking place. It seems to go on and on forever. I let go of any control and just surrender to the waves of pleasure that overtake my whole being as my scandalous moans fill the room.

When my climax finally subsides, he lifts his head and I sit up to kiss him on his mouth that tastes of me. We share a wet kiss that is like a cocktail of my sweet nectar and his saliva. It’s my nonverbal way of saying: ‘Thank you, that was amazing.’ 

As I come to the end of my narrative, the longing I feel right now, dear listener, is almost unbearable… 

I realise that my cunniligustic curiosity hasn’t been satisfied in the slightest. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because when something is really that good, it’s perfectly natural to want more of it.

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