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Craving Conscious Connections – Sex & Spirituality

Craving Conscious Connections

When I bent down to put on my socks after my shower, I couldn’t help looking at my naked vulva. Instead of feeling proud of my treasure, I suddenly felt incredibly guilty: ‘I have to give you better sex,’ I said out loud to myself. Then, I put my hand between my thighs to hug my vulva and thought about how I could find a conscious guy to please my most intimate desires.

I have been going through a spiritual awakening for the last year. I have been spending more and more time in the conscious community. It refers to vegans, yoginis, tantrikas, zen, environmentalist, and teetotal people. Undoubtedly, sharing values is important, but I confess that in addition to my ethical reasons, I am convinced that I am in the right environment to find the conscious connection I crave so much.

It is clear that devoting one’s free time to healthy activities instead of self-destructive ones has its physical advantages. But what matters most to me is the fact that thanks to a healthy life, the veins pump blood more effectively. In other words: more vegetables means less viagra. A conscious c**k points up to the ceiling, and not down to the floor.

Conscious sex is also better. A clear head is more mindful of every single sensation that is on offer. Sex becomes a spiritual act, a communion of bodies and souls. The energy flows freely, awakening my kundalini. And when I open my legs, I also open my chakras so that the organic becomes orgasmic.

conscious connections

Needless to say, I do not miss my era of unconscious sex, that was often flavoured with tobacco and alcohol. That is to say, having sex in a room that spun me around more than a roller coaster but without the adrenaline or highs. There was only dizziness, clumsiness and forget about the orgasms!

conscious connections

Interestingly, both paths have the same destination: to become your most authentic self, to be able to express oneself without barriers and without shame. The difference between them is simply the level of consciousness.

Dreaming is all well and good, but the harsh reality is that in the conscious community, there is a serious shortage of men. Sometimes, I wonder if I should be searching for some conscious sapphic action instead.

conscious connections

5 thoughts on “Craving Conscious Connections – Sex & Spirituality”

  1. The sad fact however is that most of us are not as attractive as we like to think. Therefore without alcohol induced, unconscious sex, the human species would die out.

  2. What about a conscious relationship, a relationship where you are prezent and attentive to the other, of course this is a game because the man has to be conscious of this as well. I recommend a girl, her name is Liana Buzea and she is a sexual coach, I’ve learned a lot from her even though I’m a man. Respect and appreciation on what you do!

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