Couples Sex Toy Solutions

Every relationship in the world runs into a time when the passion juice just doesn’t flow as freely as it used to. It doesn’t have to be because the initial lust has been put out to pasture, although that does happen. As a relationship grows, the need for sex gets replaced by the need to budget and plan for the future. You become a bigger part of each other’s everyday lives. That comes at the expense of being a part of each other’s genital smashing existences. On top of that, you can just get bored with each other’s moves. It happens all the time. You can only be surprised by a finger up the butt or a swirl of the tongue so many times. Then of course, there’s the third cooling factor of just not being together. Work schedules, travel and family affairs can take you and your respective junk far away from each other.

Well, fear not, dear couple, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways to charge your sex life and get back that old spark. All you need is a little bit of help from Necessity. She’s the mother of invention and she has more than a few solutions for you.

Get a robot between your nethers

Pornhub’s got you covered for those weeks that you spend apart. The Couples Set comes with a device for him and a device for her. Hers is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a vibrator with a very stimulating clit massager on top. The device for him is a tube that you stick things in. You can figure out what those things are (it’s your penis. Your penis goes in there). The beauty of these devices is that you work them yourselves. The vibrator goes in her and he goes in the tube. As she sends the vibrator down the tunnel of love, the tube recreates it up and down his shaft. Alternatively, as he sends his meat down into the packing plant, the vibrator recreates his motion deep inside her ocean. It’s a pretty clever solution to being separated and lets you fuck each other from afar.

Share your toys

Of course, you don’t have to be separated to charge your sex life. There are plenty of options to use together in the bedroom. Pornhub has a very sexy looking set of black anal training butt plugs. They go from small to large and can open you up faster and more effectively than a week at Taco Bell. They can be used on either partner as a way to loosen up the backdoor and get it ready for a good, old fashioned knocking. If you’ve tried anal sex in the past and it’s been too painful, these little guys will help you out a lot.

Take the S&M plunge

Plenty of couples find that the best way to reignite their sex lives is to bring a little S&M into the bedroom. It’s much easier and less daunting than you’d imagine. There’s the basic black Ultimate Bondage Set to get you started. This nice little collection comes with everything you need to get well on the way to being that couple that’s always smiling and laughing out in public. It comes with a flogger, cuffs for wrists and ankles, a ball gag and a bunch more. You’ll never be sorry with where it leads you.

Lube it up

No matter what you get to charge your sex life, make sure you don’t forget the lube. They carry Kiiroo Aqua Premium and Spark Warming. You just can’t get naughty without it. No one wants to be all dildoed up with no lubed up hole to fill.

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