Could This Be The Solution To Erectile Dysfunction?

Although I consider myself to be a sexpert, the other day, I had the opportunity to speak with two professionals: Dustin Wolff and Dr Paul Thompson, who know a lot more than I do all about the male penis. They are from the company Launch Medical, based in California, and they have invented a very sophisticated device that treats ED (Erectile Dysfunction). 


It is called the Phoenix and it promises to help you ‘Rise again”. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses acoustic wave therapy. There are no side effects, no awkward doctor visits required and there is an impressive 93% success rate. 


As a sexpert, every week I receive dozens of emails from companies in the sexual wellness sector telling me about their products. I have to filter out a lot of ‘sex-negative’ products from the truly orgasmic ones. Over the years, I have received lots of messages from companies who claim to have made a miracle product that helps increase penis size naturally as well as other products that have rung several alarm bells for me. To me, it seemed as though they were preying on male penile insecurity rather than genuinely wishing to make a positive impact on male sexual wellness. 


The Phoenix from Launch Medical seemed to be different. It caught my eye as it is non-invasive and natural. If you follow me closely, you will know that I am passionate about natural approaches to just about anything in life.  For this reason, I was very intrigued about this method and I wanted to find out more. 


I set up an interview with Dustin Wolf, co-founder and co-inventor of the Phoenix and Dr Paul Thompson, who is the Chief Urologist at Launch Medical. 


We discussed many things related to male sexuality.  They presented The Phoenix and explained how it was created – which is a very funny story. They also share how it was tested, as well as the testimonials. We also talk about many other issues that affect male sexual wellness and performance. 


As well as successfully helping men to overcome erectile dysfunction, the Phoenix can also help with Peyronies disease, and it can help you to improve sexual performance in general. We also touched on some other penis-related topics such as erection quality, penis size, and other male sexual wellness concerns. 


I knew penises were interesting, but this interview really exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. Our chat was highly educational and enlightening, to say the least. 


Check it out! 


For more information about The Phoenix, visit 

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