Cosmic and Carnal

Cosmic and Carnal – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

I lie on my back and spread my legs in anticipation of our imminent Union. You’re kneeling between my thighs, holding the base of your penis as you guide the tip inside my vagina.  Our eyes meet and you push your pelvis towards me while you enter me slowly. I let out a sigh as I welcome you to my sacred space.  There’s something magical about that initial connection when my yoni stretches to accommodate you.  


When you’re inside me I feel as though I’m connected to Source. Your lingam is the missing component in the circuit between me and the cosmos. It’s something I cannot experience alone. To access this elevated erotic state, we must join together like pieces of a jigsaw. I suppose this is why the Tantriks call it Divine Union. 


I understand it now. 


You lie on top of me and we embrace. I love feeling your weight on me. Our bodies intertwine as I wrap my legs around your waist. I look into your eyes and it feels as though we are penetrating each other’s souls with our gazes. 


It’s like divine double penetration. 


I love feeling you as deeply and as physically close to me as possible. But this is not just a physical connection, it’s much more than that. 


Let me explain: 


Although my body is quite still, something profound is happening inside me. Our union has caused my soul to ascend to another dimension. Soon enough, I’m blissfully floating in an orgasmic trance, experiencing otherworldly delights. It feels like sacred sparks are flying as I lose myself as well as any notion of time and space.


Suddenly I notice your lips kissing me, snapping me out of my celestial reverie and bringing me back to the room. I catch my breath and recompose after my ecstatic out-of-body experience. 


Despite the euphoria, interestingly, I sense an overwhelming desire to get back into my body and be grounded so I can relish in earthly delights.  For as much as I’m a soul that craves emotionally charged sex that transcends the physical, I’m still just a mortal human being with basic animalistic needs. 


I feel compelled to acknowledge the primal urges that possess me, so I ask you to go behind me. You oblige willingly and I go on all fours. Then, you grab my waist and enter me again. I observe how wet you make me, how hard my nipples are, the tingling sensation on my skin in response to your touch, and the butterflies in my stomach caused by the sounds of your moans.


I feel defenceless and at your mercy. It feels like you are the hunter and I’m your prey as you immobilise me with your hands holding onto my waist while you move frenetically in and out of me. 


I think I’m going to come again, but this time my attention is on the blissful sensations in my body. The tip of your hard cock against my A spot, deep inside me, causes me to explode and make scandalous sounds that accompany the intense waves of my climax.


Fortunately, the physical pleasure is not over when my spasms subside. There is still more stimulus to enjoy, especially when I feel you get even thicker and harder inside me and I can tell that you’re close to coming.  It almost makes me want to come again. Instead, I stay still and observe the sounds you make when it’s your turn to erupt with pleasure


Afterwards, we both sprawl on the bed, wrapped in a cocoon of deep satisfaction. Even though our bodies haven’t moved, you’ve guided me on an unforgettable voyage to the cosmos back down to Earth—a transition from cosmic to carnal, from angelic to animalistic, from sacred to wild. It’s been an intense journey, one I yearn to embark on again and again.

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