Cookie & Candy from Svakom

Cookie & Candy from Svakom

Foreplay is highly underrated activity. I discovered this after I had spent an amazing three years exclusively with women. This revelation came to me when there was no penis as part of the equation. I relaxed and enjoyed the preliminaries so much more with other women. Those intense sapphic encounters even encouraged me to view my previous heterosexual experiences in a different light. I realised that instead of guiding my male partners to be more gentle – in order to enjoy the type of foreplay that I most desired – I was usually in a hurry to get to the penetration stage as fast as possible. With women, however, there was no penis to anticipate. So, I eased back and enjoyed foreplay as the main dish, not just a flavoursome appetiser. But, that didn’t make it any less satisfactory.

Now as I mature, foreplay is becoming more and more important as part of a fulfilling sexual scenario. These days, ‘sport sex’ – the in out/ in out/ shake it all about/squirt and repeat as many times as possible – is a thing of the past. There is still a popular misconception that foreplay isn’t as important – or that it doesn’t count as much – as real sex. On the contrary, the truth is that it can often be more intense, and satisfying, than penetration.

As soon as I saw Cookie and Candy on Svakom’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I knew that they had to be mine. I’ve been living in an apartment by the beach for just over a month now. I’ve been mesmerised by every beautiful sunrise. It’s such an awe-inspiring way to begin the day. Cookie and Candy look like beautiful marine objects that could have been washed up on the shore. As such, they couldn’t be more appropriate with the ocean theme and my current living situation. They are vibrators but they can also move independently. Cookie has a trio of pleasing, teasing tentacles and Candy has a pouting mouth that summons up the image of a kissing fish.

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Foreplay toys are usually just that. They are intended to start the ignition and get your engine cylinders firing. They are not intended to get you to your final destination. With Cookie and Candy, nothing could be further from the truth.

They have 3 speeds, they are rechargeable and they are packaged separately but are sold as one product. They come with a charging cable, an elegant presentation box and a drawstring storage pouch.

MATERIAL: Silicone. They are recommended for use without lubricant according to the Svakom website. I was surprised by this. Personally, I never use lubricants with external stimulators. To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed smearing cold goo on my genitals. Most lubes have questionable ingredients anyway. Of course, if someone needs lubricant, then they should use it. My own preference is to manufacture my own Venusian nectar the natural way.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly and strong.

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

USABILITY: They are both ergonomic shaped. They fit neatly, and comfortably, in my hand. The control buttons are remarkably intuitive. Although Cookie and Candy are foreplay vibrators, – that move independently – they still provided the constant, ample, pressure against my clitoris that I needed for orgasm. They are waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or the shower.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It did take me a little longer to come than usual. This was simply because I wasn’t used to the unique moving sensation that they provide. I preferred Cookie. Its three tentacles, caressing my labia as I pressed it against my pubic bone, was just delicious. It will definitely be going into my ‘repeat’ drawer. Candy also provided a highly pleasing experience, but it was different.

Svakom, Cookie & Candy from Svakom, Foreplay sex toys, nipples stimulation, Clitoral stimulation, rechargeable sex toys, Vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara,

PROS: Versatility. The duo can be used for tickling, caressing and for intense clitoral stimulation. You get two toys for the price of one. A wonderfully soft texture. Excellent value for money.

CONS. Not a silent operating noise, but it’s nothing scandalous either.


  • Foreplay: stimulating the nipples and other erogenous zones,
  • Tickling enthusiasts who want to tickle the soles of the feet and armpits,
  • Clitoral stimulation,
  • A Christmas gift.

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