Confessions of a Sex Writer

Since becoming a sex writer I can confess that writing about sex can be just as good as the real thing. Sometimes, it can be even better.

I’m often asked whether my articles are 100% true. I’ve never written fiction so, let me reassure you that everything I write is based on reality. For me, reality is always more interesting than made-up stories. I feel sorry for those people who cannot or will not believe that.

When I’m about to start my next column or article I make sure that I keep the title of it in my head for a day before I start to write. Those are with me wherever I go and whatever I do-even at the supermarket. A sex writer, like everyone else – needs to buy groceries and even when I am trying to decide which cheese to buy – Mozzarella or Havarti usually – the title is there in my mind until I sit down and start work. It does not take very long before I search the Venus archives for suitably horny experiences that I have lived through or that my friends have confided in me about. It all helps.

Sometimes when I’m writing, I get really turned on by the subject matter. This could include reminiscences and fantasies of my own as well. I get so turned on sometimes that I have to take a break. I check that the battery power is enough in my vibrator before I have my 15 minutes.

Using my rabbit also cures any writer’s block that I encounter. The details that might have been out of context or vague while I was sitting down at my computer become crystal-clear when I’m horizontal. I often think that it is a good thing that sex writers don’t have to work in an office when break-time comes.

My natural masochism as a sex writer can be seen when I take special care to email my first drafts to myself.When I go to bed, I read them through again on my Blackberry and write notes to myself if necessary. I never submit anything last thing at night – only in the morning after I have been over it a few more times.

I could carry on typing this and making more confessions about the working life of a sex writer but I have an idea for another article…and I need to go to the supermarket for more batteries.

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17 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sex Writer”

    1. So in agreement. The dark bra and the black corset makes the pretty pale skin look like the white paper that the books and mags are made of. Clever!

  1. A brilliant interplay of re-touched, glossy, printed, images and the glistening details of the perfectly outfitted real thing. By turns coy, playful and teasing – you look wonderful here and the post you’ve written really hits the sweet spot.

    1. A good day for us who’re into your shoulders and neck as well. All round luscious and a great read too.

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