My Condom Fetish

Condoms turn me on, they really do. Can it be that I’m the only one who thinks this way?

For some men, the moment when they have to pause their amorous enthusiasm can be awkward. It might not surprise you when I admit that I relish that very same moment. I like to take the initiative and establish my complete control over him. Suddenly, the man relaxes and watches me as I take every care to make sure the condom is fitted on him properly.

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I don’t tolerate the usual wealth of excuses that men deploy to avoid using condoms. Those tired justifications have been superseded by advances in latex technology which promote sensitivity, a greater appreciation of sexual health issues which place an equal amount of responsibility on both partners to protect against STIs and just plain commonsense when it comes to avoiding unplanned pregnancy. Condoms are sexy because I can put my rational concerns to one side and really let myself go.

I have a brand preference, of course. Doesn’t everybody? In my case, I will always favour Durex Avanti. I know that you have to pay a little more but, in my opinion, they are worth every penny. They are made out of polyurethane instead of traditional latex. Not only are they more resilient and have the added advantage of being thinner than other brands but they also transmit a greater percentage of body heat. With all these added extras, is it any surprise that I live by a simple sexual equation: No Condom=No Penetrative Sex.

Condom Fetish Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas 2

There are some fetishistic uses for condoms as well. When I see a hard penis wearing coloured latex it seems as if it’s dressed up in bondage gear and ready for action. Some men prefer to masturbate while wearing a condom. This is what’s known as a “posh wank” and it can have a fetish thrill all of it own at the same time as cutting down on the time spent cleaning up afterwards.

I love condoms so much that I even use them with sex toys when I am testing them professionally or using them at my leisure. Although sex-toy manufacturers underline the point that modern materials are suitable for “barebacking”, I still need to be convinced. A condom guarantees hygiene and covers up that new sex-toy smell that puts me off sometimes.

I’m convinced that there must be some people out there who love condoms just as much as I do.

Condom Fetish Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas 3

Photos by Lourdes Ribas.

Latex by Madrubb

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7 thoughts on “My Condom Fetish”

  1. Venus, you aren’t alone!~ There is something so appealing of a rock-hard cock adorned in a condom…absolutely hot. I am getting wet just thinking about it… Also, you hit the nail on the head, (or shall I say–the condom on the cock), it is not only fun taking complete control of putting on the condom, but it is also a completely sensual act.

    I am curious if my latex fetish might play into my condom fetish, but regardless…I love them and I am very happy to see that I am not alone!

    A Fellow Condom Lover <3

  2. I totally agree with all the posts here, as a guy I love nothing more than when an attractive woman takes control and “rubbers me up”. I think there is nothing hotter for showing confidence, protection for both and the idea that were about to do something sexy and naughty. A major turn on for me if coloured, ribbed etc even better but even the standard issue condoms can be sexy as hell. Great to finally meet more liked minded (and attractive) people out there.



  3. Well hello there

    I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for three years. We don’t ever use condoms- they don’t make it feel as good. But Every now and then I like it. Its like hooking up with someone new. The safe thing- I get. Its a mental. To make him out it on before I let him in.. Yes please! *Honey, go buy some condoms!!* I’m in the mood now

  4. guy here, I actually like them as well, can remain intimate longer and I too like the “bondage” look.

    I do do the “posh wank” thing, however when I near orgasm I take the condom off as it creates an interesting effect, you kinda get used to the condom being on for the entire wank and taking it off before climax just really…

    anyway just letting you know you’re not completely weird

  5. Funny, I found this article because between my wife stopping use of birth control and the waiting period after my vasectomy we used condoms for the first time in our 16 year relationship.

    When I got the all clear from the urologist that my vasectomy was successful, it was back to the norm but my wife half jokingly made the comment that sex was a lot less messy when we used condoms.

    I suggested in the heat of the moment that I could use a condom so she wouldn’t have to get out of bed right after sex to clean up. She relished at the idea and it still makes it’s way in to our sexploits now and again as a fun twist in our love making.

  6. I love condoms, started waking with them, still love them 30 years later, I still use them having sex with the wife. I spent hundreds on different types.

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