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Choosing the right panties

It’s never easy to choose the right panties to wear for the day ahead. Sometimes it’s impossible to choose sensibly, especially if you’re a panty fetishist like me and you own over a hundred different pairs. In that case, the task is almost impossible.

There are a few factors that must always be taken into consideration:

Most women choose panties that seem similar to the bra that they are wearing, even if they only have a vague resemblance. I love the mismatched look and I always go for it.

It’s really important to choose undies that work with your outerwear and not against it. For instance, panties with frills or ruffles never work and should be avoided outside of a photographers studio or someone’s bedroom. Any panties that encourage cameltoes are never recommended at the best of times. I also wonder how many girls take the time to do a proper “whale-tail test” in the morning. If they don’t, then everyone standing behind them in a supermarket as they lean down into a cold cabinet to find some frozen peas, will wish they had.

It’s also important to consider whether your choice will be seen by anyone else, whether it’s a lover, doctor or paramedic. For me, doing sport means wearing comfortable panties, doing a photo-shoot requires something a little over the top and my heaps of designer underwear fit the bill perfectly. If I mean to seduce, my panty choice could be anything from simple cotton to lacy black frills.

Which Panties Venus O'Hara by Guy Moberly

I was thinking about choosing the right panties to go with the shoot but I was getting nowhere. Sometimes my mood suggests the most appropriate pair but this time, seeing so many panties waiting for me at once was confusing. I began to appreciate the fact that each and every pair of knickers has its own erotic value and fetish potential. It’s so hard to choose. I ended up grabbing an armful before putting them on, one by one.

After a moment or two, the restriction I felt became like a bondage game. The elastic waistbands embedded themselves into my thighs and became the equivalent of a-tighter than tight-ripped shirt made from a patchwork of bright rags. The fetish effect of these clashing pieces of thin lingerie, balanced against my discount heels, was more than I could have imagined.

One question still remained, however:

Which pair of panties should I wear today?[nggallery id=13]

Photos by Guy Moberly

12 thoughts on “Choosing the right panties”

  1. I’ve seen plenty of fetish images and I thought I’d seen it all. This masterpiece of unexpected kink feels entirely new and really exciting to me. Venus, you’re unique!

  2. salad-dodgem1975

    If I could choose the pair of panties that would be best for you, I couldn’t. I will only think of multiple panties now when I see you and your masterpiece of ass.

  3. prestatyn_dynamo

    Other, so called, fetish models should throw in the towel. This is scarily hot and I’m not a liar. You’re too much!

  4. guavamaniac777

    You look like businesswoman half then rest is hot and dirty goddess with many pretty panties. I am in much love with this!

  5. My meow area is buzzing with you after this…sexy cross-dressing mixed with a new fetish that I like very much. I think you are very beautiful and controversial here…like Gaga, but with a bigger brain and better bod.

  6. Throatsprockets

    This balances a conceit about the subversion of gendered clothing that would be satisfying enough on its own terms. Then you take it up another level by pulling out a real rabbit of a new idea. The seductive and thrilling value of all of those panties is a touch of real genius.

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