Celebrating Masturbation May with LELO

Celebrating Masturbation May with LELO! Featuring GIGI 2

I love the month of May. Not only is it my birthday this month but it’s also International Masturbation Month. As an orgasm activist, this seems like a divine coincidence. Its purpose is to protect and celebrate the “right to masturbate”. The first National Masturbation Day was May 9, 1995, after the US sex-positive retailer Good Vibrations declared the day in honour of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton in 1994 for suggesting that masturbation should be a part of the sex education curriculum for students.


I received a religious upbringing and in my Catholic school, our sex education only focused on reproduction. The only orgasms that mattered were ones that included male ejaculation with the purpose of fertilisation. Needless to say, the clitoris was never even mentioned. The subject of sex was only covered in a couple of classes: Religious Education and Biology. Given that the entire focus was on procreation and not pleasure, I could never imagine masturbation being a part of the curriculum in my school. On the contrary. That’s because masturbation was considered a sin. 


Thanks to mainstream media, I was aware that the education I received was limited. I was so curious about the topic that I wasn’t going to let the nuns in my school restrict my knowledge about sexuality. I’m so grateful for the women’s magazines that were available in the 90s that could continue my sexplorations where school left off. I was also a big fan of author Judy Blume who wrote explicit novels about puberty, periods and first-time sex. Thanks to these writers, many of the questions I had about sex were answered. 

Celebrating Masturbation May with LELO

When I think back to the silence of sexuality that I come from, I’m not surprised that I have chosen the field of sex education or rather pleasure education for my career. I know how much sexual openness can impact an individual and how necessary it is to know about pleasure. I know how important it is to let go of sexual guilt and shame. It is my firm belief that we should be teaching people about pleasure and sexual empowerment rather than teaching them to feel bad about their sexuality. 


People often ask me how others react to my job as an orgasm activist. They assume that people are going to judge me negatively and think badly of me. And yes, that has happened a few times. But what mostly occurs is that people perceive me as an open-minded, non-judgemental person and they feel comfortable enough to share their sex secrets with me. 

This is both an honour and a privilege because no matter what someone tells me, I regard this sharing of confidence to be a great gift and a sign of trust. 

Celebrating Masturbation May with LELO

To celebrate International Masturbation Month, I’ve teamed up with LELO to share my self-pleasure philosophy. I was sent GIGI 2, the world’s bestselling G spot stimulator to mark the occasion. 


I had just finished a hot Zoom call with someone who sets my pulse racing when I remembered that GIGI 2 had been delivered that day. I was incredibly aroused due to a stimulating conversation that provoked a lot of desire in my body and ignited my imagination. As a personal rule, I don’t indulge in cybersex so my only option was masturbation when the call was over. GIGI 2 was just what I needed. 


GIGI 2 has a great shape that fits perfectly in my hand. It’s not too big but it’s big enough to provide targeted G spot stimulation. The tip is flat yet pointy enough for easy insertion if you decide to use it internally. I personally much prefer using it externally as a clitoral stimulator. It offers a range of pleasure possibilities given that you can use the pointy tip for targeted direct stimulation or you can use the flat side for more indirect stimulation. 

Using GIGI 2 is a wonderful way to celebrate Masturbation May and explore both internal and external use. In addition to genital stimulation, you can use it as a neck massager or as a foreplay tool with a partner.


As with all LELO products, it is presented in a luxurious hard box that is ideal for offering as a gift. Inside you will find a USB charging cable and a warranty registration card that will provide you with one year warranty and a ten-year quality guarantee. There is also a sachet of LELO personal moisturiser which is water-based, paraben and glycerine-free. You will also find a QR code to download the full user manual. 


The motor is deep and rumbly and there are 8 pleasure settings ranging from gentle to moderate. It is quite silent but check out my video below for a complete soundcheck. 


It is made of body-safe silicone and it is compatible with water-based lubricants. It is also waterproof meaning that it is easy to clean and you can use it in the bath or the shower. 

Celebrating Masturbation May with LELO

Something I love about LELO is that they have been pioneers in the business of masturbation, showcasing products in luxurious packaging with high-quality materials and organic shapes. They make sex toys seem like luxurious, coveted objects. I definitely consider that this is a great way to overcome the taboos and guilt associated with masturbation. Their products do not appear to be scandalous or sinful at all. The best thing of course is that the shapes and appearance of any of their toys are bright and those who are unfamiliar with the world of pleasure products would not imagine what they are used for. I’m sure my Catholic school teachers would not know that they were orgasmic objects. 


It’s necessary to let go of guilt and shame and be able to enjoy your body. No matter what your sexual orientation or relationship status is, masturbation is important, so enjoy it!


For more information about LELO GIGI 2 click here.

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