Cathy – A Clitoral sucking stimulator and thrusting sex toy from Kistoy – Review

I was super intrigued when I first saw Cathy from Kistoy. I’ve never tried anything like it. It is a dual stimulator that provides pleasure to the clitoris with air and a thrusting textured phallus that is placed inside the vagina.  The cord between the 2 elements reminded me of a stethoscope. It could definitely be a great addition if you’re into medical fetish role-plays. For more conventional intentions, it’s also very intriguing and eye-catching. 


There are 2 independent motors that can be used together or not. The advantage of 2 components like this is that they can adapt to all anatomies and you can really experiment with the depth and angle of each type of stimulation, this is something you can’t do with other dual stimulators such as rabbit vibrators. 


PACKAGING: Cathy is presented in a hard box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable, a multilingual user manual and a drawstring storage bag. 


MATERIAL: It is made of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants and it is splashproof. You can wash it with running water and soap, but don’t use the toy in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From gentle to intense. 


NOISE LEVEL: The thruster is surprisingly silent. The air stimulator is not silent but makes less noise when placed against the clitoris. The orgasms, however, are scandalously loud!! Check out my video below for a complete sound check. 


USABILITY: It is very intuitive to use. There are 2 buttons, one for each motor. Simply long press it to switch it on or off and short press to scroll through the 5 patterns. Something that struck me about the phallus was its weight. It is quite heavy and I found it more comfortable to use with my thighs closed. I stimulated my clitoris first with the air stimulator in order to increase my arousal before inserting the phallus.  I inserted half of it before activating the thrusting function. Charging takes 210 minutes and will provide you with 60 minutes of pleasure. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: OMG!! I think that was the longest orgasm that I ever had. I couldn’t distinguish between my spasms and the thrusts of the phallus. I wasn’t sure if it was one long orgasm or several multiple orgasms. All I do know is that it felt absolutely a-maz-ing!! 


PROS: It can adapt to all anatomies. Independent motors. Silent thruster. Epic orgasms. Elegant packaging. Original concept. 


CONS: The air component isn’t silent. It’s not waterproof. 




  • Using both ends of the product simultaneously. 
  • Using the air component on the nipples. 
  • Using either end individually. 
  • Advanced sex toy users looking for new types of stimulation that don’t involve vibration 


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