Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are shaped like bullets, hence the name. They are designed to stimulate the clitoris. They are one of the most discreet and versatile sex toys available. You can use the tip for direct clitoral stimulation, or use it on its side for indirect stimulation. They are also very versatile foreplay sex toys. For example, you can use the tip for gentle caresses or tickling if you’re into that. They can also be used as part of a couples’ massage on their sides and rolled over the body while vibrating. 


Here you find all of the bullet vibrator reviews that I have written.

Discovery Kit from We-Vibe Review for Babeland

I must admit, I’m getting really into couple’s sex toys. This may seem like a strange statement from a professional sex toy tester. …

Discovery Kit from We-Vibe Review for Babeland Read More »

Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe Review

Peepshow Toys sent me two Nocturnal Lipstick Vibes from Blush Novelties. This was ‘because we couldn’t decide which colour to send.’ The prospect thrilled me, needless to say. I was understandably happy about having one for myself because of the pleasure it was going to give me. I was just as thrilled to have a spare one because I could choose someone to give it to. This would be great for my karma. I would be gifting someone high-quality orgasms. It was gratifying to imagine that pleasure coming back to me ten-fold, sometime in the future. I enjoyed a special tingle as I wondered how and when that returning energy would manifest itself.

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