To be a voyeur is to have a sexual interest in observing others or to be actively involved in the erotic surveillance of them. The desire at work in voyeurism ( from the French voyeur, “ one who looks”) is to enjoy the spectacle of someone who is undressing or-ideally-if they are engaged in sexual activity.

The pleasure of the voyeur can also be encouraged by any intimate activity assumed to be private at the moment it is being watched. This could take the form of the target trying clothes on, brushing hair or cooking. In these moments, the objectified centre of the voyeuristic spectacle will, most likely, be unaffected, unguarded and entirely natural in their behaviour.

In popular imagination the term voyeurism can be applied in a more general sense to refer to someone who habitually observes others without their knowledge regardless of any sexual interest. They may do this by using a number of strategies-observing their subject from a distance using a camera with a zoom lens, or closer up with the use of peep-holes, two way mirrors or concealed cameras.

An interesting variation on this kink is the phenomenon of consensual fetishism when the person being observed is always aware that the voyeur is watching them and finds their own fetishistic value in it.

Discovering Downblouse Fetish

Downblouse is a variety of sexual fetishism or voyeurism. It’s based on the opportunity, provided by some types of women’s clothing, for men to peer down and enjoy watching their breasts unobtrusively. It might take the form of making unauthorised digital photographs down the open top of a female’s dress, blouse or other garment. The value of ‘downblousing’ imagery is increased, from the collector’s perspective, when those pictures of breasts or cleavages are obtained thanks to random chance.

Exploring New Fetishes

Even though it was the same model, shot in the same setting by the same photographer, the end result was so different to anything we’d done before. Together we created a ‘voyeur’ set. Our intention was to capture the essence of many fetishes. They include:
Unaji (nape fetish), upskirt fetish, hosiery fetish, downblouse fetish, foot fetish, bra fetish and dangling heel fetish and more.

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