Vintage Fetish

Vintage fetish is the erotic attraction to imagery, objects and lingerie / clothing from a different era. For the fetishist, the Victorian period is particularly rich in its collection of traditional, restrictive, underwear like whalebone corsets, ruffled petticoats and bloomers but any historical period that has its own specific type of intimate clothing can have the identical effect.

The history of lingerie gives this fetish a variety of individual eras to draw from and the enthusiast tends not to choose those that provide too much nudity. Instead, those times when women were obliged to cover up their charms provide the greatest appeal. Similarly, it is not the ease with which these clothes can be removed that provides the real imaginative thrill but the direct opposite.

With the explosion of pin-up imagery during, and after, the second world war, the idea of 1950’s American “cheesecake” photography became significant for anyone growing up at that time. As a result, the appeal of bullet bras, seamed stockings and suspenders cannot be underestimated. Recently, with the higher profile and importance of Bettie Page, the burlesque stylings of Dita Von teese and the emphasis on retro underwear on modern lingerie collections-the power of this fetish has never been greater.

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