Veil Fetish

Veil fetishists understand and enjoy the significance of veils and the women who wear them, the effect that this piece of material can have on them is phenomenal. By covering, disguising and obscuring the female face, a sense of importance, power and the thrill of an ancient taboo is brought into focus for them.

If the features of the woman can only be guessed at through the veil, the psychological need of a spectators mind to discover them becomes overwhelming.The fantasy of unveiling then becomes the idealised intimate act-not unlike the imagined removal of the clothes of someone desired but out of reach. If the veil remains in place then that understanding is postponed and the pleasure of erotic anticipation is preserved.

The causes of this kink may include interests in mystery, bondage, and the preservation of virginity until wedding night nuptials. Enthusiasts may be interested in niqabs, burkas, and harem-style veils as well as the traditional Western style. Some are attracted to women who wear all-covering Muslim style veils, while others are attracted to women wearing translucent ones.

Women may become sexually aroused by veiling themselves as well. They may feel protected, or experience an enjoyment that is similar to women with more explicit bondage fantasies.

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