The act of consensual spanking consists of one partner striking the buttocks of another with a bare hand to cause temporary pain and erotic sensation. When an object is used instead of a hand, spanking is referred to as paddling, belting, caning, whipping, birching or hairbrushing- depending on what implement is used. Spanking, when used to develop a role-play scenario, becomes much more than just a form of punishment.The intensity of feeling and the mutual understanding of the spanker and the “spankee” easily adds another layer of excitement and realism that simultaneously increases the enjoyment and personal connection between the actors within a fetishistic scene. For the “spankee” the anticipation of being spanked can be especially arousing because the next contact can never be predicted exactly.They could tense their buttocks in preparation which just stimulates their genital area more. The slap, when it comes, reddens the bottom, warms it and improves the sensation.

Suggestions for spanking positions can include over the knee, bent over a chair, on all fours or face down on a bed or a sofa. Other variations can mean the “spankee” hanging over the shoulder of the spanker or lying on their back with their legs raised towards their chest.

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