Sock Fetish

Sock fetishism refers to those enthusiasts who are attracted to-and aroused by-the wearing of socks and their removal within sexualised scenarios.The kinky value of socks can increase even more when they are seen, close-up, in public places. For the enthusiast, the socks can have a similar erotic charge when used as a provocative accessory for their partners, themselves or as significant fetish objects separate from a wearer.

Often, a pair of socks forms a vital part of a larger fetish, working particularly strongly when added to an adult schoolgirl uniform or combined with a short skirt and blouse. Socks remind us of discipline, impracticality and discomfort; they are something that we’re told to wear and, for a fetishist, observing a sub wearing socks-because they were required to-is a mark of their symbolic value in a BDSM hierarchy.

The compression lines left on the skin below the knee are also a highly valued trophies for a committed fetishist who regards touching those temporary scars as being profoundly sexual.

Although the sock fetish can be connected to shoe fetishism is a broad sense, it nevertheless has its own distinct behaviors surrounding it. In particular, long, marl socks that fulfil the function of stockings but with a plush texture have become particularly popular.

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