Smudged Make-up Fetish

The fetish for seeing women with smudged make-up is a kink that relies upon the disruption of a widely accepted enhancement to female beauty. Cosmetics need to be thoughtfully considered and carefully applied to make the most of some feminine facial features and to reduce the significance of others. The realisation of this fetish begins in the moment when the time and effort needed to produce a beautifully made-up face is cancelled out by its owner rubbing and smearing their eye-liner, lipstick, eye-shadow and lip-liner into a mess of combined colour and tone.

The image of smudged make-up is a standard device used by singers who use it to provoke feelings of alienation, uncertainty and disturbance in an audience. They are in control. Removed from its situational power, the significance of a girl with messed up cosmetics changes completely. The fetish potential of a young woman who compromises her beauty, voluntarily, for the voyeuristic pleasure of someone else, rests in her adopting this submissive position in a fetish scene or BDSM scenario. She has effectively handed her potential to be beautiful to someone else.

Although, to most people, the sight of a face with smudged make-up can be upsetting and disturbing, to an enthusiast it’s just a different kind of prettiness.

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