Schoolgirl Fetish

The fetish for women dressed as schoolgirls is significant in Japan where a highly formal subculture has grown to cater to consumers of this imagery. Every country has its own variation, however and whichever culture is studied, the same preoccupations turn up time after time. The simple dresses, approved hosiery and sensible shoes that are so anonymous when viewed in a group tend to assume a much bigger fetishistic significance when seen worn by an individual.

The common fetishistic denominator is the need for the enthusiast to revisit the look and significance of the young women who might have been unattainable to him when he was studying at a boarding school or in a single-sex college. Forever craving their attention, the fetishist usually finds that the girls were more attracted to older boys and young men. This unrealised dream for the frustrated adult, becomes so significant that it remains with him into adulthood as a suppressed need and thwarted desire.

In living out these recurring fantasies, the uniform itself becomes the fetish device that represents sexual satisfaction and to observe it being worn and removed in individual pieces fulfills a profound lack in the enthusiast. Even grown women, dressed in school uniforms can provoke the same feelings of arousal in them time and time again.

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