Ripped tights

There is nothing more essential to some fetishists than the sight of a young woman wearing ripped tights. This type of hosiery was intended as a functional replacement for traditional underwear in the workplace and tights ousted stockings and suspenders in the 1960s. The associations that tights had with a regimented office environment led to workplace fantasies of them being laddered and damaged so that the naked legs beneath could be visible in little pieces and be available for voyeuristic visual consumption.

This attraction to active tights ripping is also highly developed. It is based on the visual desire for the shapely legs of a woman wearing a perfectly good piece of hosiery who then wilfully frustrates that desire by destroying the tights by hand while she’s wearing them. She undermines her anticipated sophistication with unexpected trashiness; any elegance compromised by debauchery. In vandalising an enhancement to her own glamour she embodies a thrilling contradiction and flaunts her erotic power over the fetishistic spectator.

The random destruction of worn tights is less interesting than the formal approach preferred by fetishists.The holes in the stockings have to appear methodically, and in the right order-in strict counterpoint to the end result which appears chaotic and unplanned.

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