Neck Fetish

Neck fetishists find the female neck to be the centre of their obsessions and its veneration to be the best way to realise their own arousal. Necks are particularly vulnerable and sensitive to changes in temperature, caresses and, particularly, massage. A preferred neck for fetishists is a long, slender and pale one which allows them to examine the blue veins underneath and scrutinise the muscles moving as the subject turns her head.

Neck enthusiasts regard them as small bodies in their own right with unique curves, softnesses and scents. For some, the nape of the neck or the suprasternal notch is as important an erogenous zone as any other that a woman’s body has to offer. Usually necks are covered, either by long hair, collars or scarves. When these forms of dress are removed and the hair is pinned up, a type of neck nudity is achieved and the fetishist can caress and worship it just like a naked body.

Adornments like necklaces and chokers assume a much greater significance for enthusiasts because they are designed to elevate the importance of the neck and focus more attention on it. A variation on this is the attraction of lovebites or hickies which act as proof of kissing, licking, biting and sucking.

Exploring New Fetishes

Even though it was the same model, shot in the same setting by the same photographer, the end result was so different to anything we’d done before. Together we created a ‘voyeur’ set. Our intention was to capture the essence of many fetishes. They include:
Unaji (nape fetish), upskirt fetish, hosiery fetish, downblouse fetish, foot fetish, bra fetish and dangling heel fetish and more.

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