Latex Fetish

Latex has become such an important fetishistic material that it has become almost interchangeable with real flesh for many latex fetishists. Latex can re-shape, sculpt and transform the substance of the body that wears it so that it appears capable of constant change and re-interpretation, becoming a slick stand-in for the skin of the wearer.  This effect is most pronounced with an all-in-one catsuit which obliterates any recognisable characteristics and subordinates the reality of the wearer to the textures, sounds and aromas of the worn material. Latex outfits can be assembled from traditional pieces like corsets, suspender belts, stockings and gloves but the effect that they have is different from that of conventional lingerie. The colours that can be achieved in the manufacture of these skin tight appliances added to the glossiness of their appearance emphasise their artificiality but, at the same time, their ability to conform exactly to the outlines of the body suggests a more organic origin. This confusion of visual stimulus, combined with the diverse sensory values of the material lies at the centre of its attraction to fetishists.

Mad for MadRubb (Latex Fetish)

I love latex and not just as something to wear. I don’t just like it for its appearance but also for its aroma, the sounds it makes when you move in it and the subculture that surrounds it. When I’m at a fetish party and I have the opportunity to wear it in public, with other fetishists, I feel a unique excitement. It’s a sensation unmatched by any other, almost a latexstasy.

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