Hoodie Fetish

Hoodie Fetish relates to a single piece of modern clothing that contains, within it, conflicting messages and meanings. It is this quality which permits fetishists, to impose their own fantasies of control and submission upon it.

The hoodie, or hooded sweatshirt is a piece of comfortable leisure wear whose origins lie in the world of physical training and sport. It was adopted by the teen/young adult market for street-wear and can be seen almost anywhere. It has, subsequently, become associated with youth crime and anti-social behaviour because of its neutral design, range of muted colours and the ease with which it can disguise and adapt the identity of its wearer. Gangs of youths wearing identical hoodies are indistinguishable from each other.

A hoodie fetishist is attracted to the contradiction of sexual personas that the clothing represents. It is possible to be submissive and look passive,innocent and young while wearing one with the hood up. With a sudden pulling down of the hood, the fetish role-player can switch and appear dominating, anonymous and provocative.

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