Handcuffs Fetish

The effect and attraction of handcuffs, to a fetishist, are as significant in the concept of them as they are in the use of them. They have become a vital component of BDSM scenarios and their usefulness in role-plays to demonstrate the hierarchy at work between the characters is never in doubt.

For a submissive, or a switch, one of the main initial encounters with handcuffs that allows an understanding of their significance and potential is their first sighting of a security guard or, even better, a policeman. A fantasy association is made between a badge of authority, a sturdy leather belt and finally with that all important pair of, publically sanctioned, handcuffs.

A dominant will identify with the user of the cuffs instead and apply them to a submissive as a tool for correction, control and punishment. Having the use of their hands restricted removes the submissives ability to make physical contact in any meaningful way and cuts off a key sense pleasure. Cuffs, fetters and shackles are also a fetishistic shorthand for enslavement and this message is understood in every society.

Cuffs, in the way they hang and dangle from waistbands, can also be read as a type of fetishistic jewellery or metaphor for strength and sexual potency.

Vegan Leather Fetish – Enter the MAZE by Bijoux indiscrets

The MAZE Collection – Vegan Leather

As soon as I saw the appropriately titled, MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that I needed to find my own path into it. I did not care about forgetting the way I went in, taking a wrong turn or, indeed, solving the puzzle. I just felt the need to get lost in a confounding, and thrilling, realm of fetish fantasy.

Unboxing The New Erotic Accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets

When I saw the hip chains from the new collection by Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that they would be ideal for this type of erotic game. There is also something very alluring about being naked except for a chain (or two). Feeling something cold and metallic draped against your skin that moves against you with each step you take is incredibly arousing. It’s like ‘I’m dressed but naked’. The hip chains highlight the curve and form of your figure even more than being naked does.

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