Glasses Fetish

Glasses fetishism is characterised by the effect that a pair of glasses can have on the erotic imagination of a spectator. Glasses are often a key component in many role-playing scenarios. Glasses of different shapes, sizes and prescription strengths allow the participants to invest more belief in the erotic reality of their chosen characters.

Glasses can change the shape of a face, alter mannerisms and allow a fetishist to imprint almost any persona they prefer onto a wearer. As spectacles become less obvious in public due to the development of corrective surgery and the popularity of contact lenses, they have become increasingly associated with the past. The key moments that fetishists remember, when thinking about their formative experiences with people wearing glasses become vital, imaginative, starting points for them. In this way, the personas of teachers, students and secretaries become fetish stand-bys and a pair of glasses can summon up the erotic potentials of them with ease.

Glasses as objects can be adapted and enhanced to promote their power to arouse with large, “geeky” frames, clumsy repairs, thick lenses suggesting short sightedness and many more. The way they can be worn can be just as arousing as the glasses themselves, with a pair resting crookedly on the nose being a particular favourite

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