Food Fetish (Eating Fetish)

Voyeuristic food fetishists are usually male and, in most cases, they take the food imagery so popular in women’s magazines one step further and seek to realise their erotic fantasies by bringing that imagery into the real world. The representation-and the effect of food imagery-is similar in many ways, to the style in which representations of eroticised women are given the hyper-real treatment in modern pornography. Both forms deal in the idealised portrayal of sensual satisfactions to similar desires and especially in the case of food fetishists, whose imaginations blend the two subjects together.

In the acted-out version of this fetish, the simple act of consuming food by one or other participants, whilst being watched by the other, has a profound erotic charge. The physical consumption and ritualised enjoyment of eating can be enhanced, in a number of ways, for the spectator. The process can begin with the enjoyment of aromas, licking of lips, slow opening of the mouth and the use of utensils. It continues with the teasing of the lips with the first piece of food, soft chewing, murmurs of satisfaction and, finally, over-emphasised swallowing. Eating, in this way becomes a fetishistic stand-in for the sex act, heightened in its effect because this kink can be performed, illicitly, in full view of other diners in a restaurant if need be.

vegan fetish

My Vegan Fetish

For me, veganism is not just about healthy eating. It is a lifestyle. There is nothing I would love more than to meet a hot vegan guy. They are, however, few and far between and seemingly hard to track down. As a task, it resembles trying to source a good avocado in winter. I think culinary compatibility is incredibly important when choosing a viable partner. At this point, I don’t think I could imagine living with someone who wanted to have meat in the refrigerator, for example.

Vegan Leather Fetish – Enter the MAZE by Bijoux indiscrets

The MAZE Collection – Vegan Leather

As soon as I saw the appropriately titled, MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that I needed to find my own path into it. I did not care about forgetting the way I went in, taking a wrong turn or, indeed, solving the puzzle. I just felt the need to get lost in a confounding, and thrilling, realm of fetish fantasy.

Unboxing The New Erotic Accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets

When I saw the hip chains from the new collection by Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that they would be ideal for this type of erotic game. There is also something very alluring about being naked except for a chain (or two). Feeling something cold and metallic draped against your skin that moves against you with each step you take is incredibly arousing. It’s like ‘I’m dressed but naked’. The hip chains highlight the curve and form of your figure even more than being naked does.

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