Cleaning Fetish

In cleaning fetish, a subordinate performs menial duties around a house, or apartment, for the viewing pleasure of a fetishist. This usually takes place in an exaggerated recreation of domestic servitude.

The role-playing power of the spectator can be enhanced by the use of antique cleaning implements, authentic servant’s outfits from a historical period, popularly imagined french maid’s outfits or, in some cases, semi-or full nudity. An apron, open at the back is very highly regarded as an arousing style, particularly when the hanging apron string is hidden between the buttocks of the cleaner to irritate and impede their productivity.

Other details that can enhance the effect of this fetish can include the use of thick rubber gloves and the setting of pointless and near impossible tasks by the master or mistress. Providing the cheapest cleaning materials that can be found for the use of the cleaner is particularly popular because it ensures that he or she is forced to use twice as much effort to achieve a satisfactory result.

Taking the time to make a pre-selected room messy, dirty and as chaotic as possible before setting the cleaner to work on it is particularly appealing to the fetishist involved.

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