Apron Fetish

Apron fetishists understand that this particular garment doesn’t just protect clothes when someone is cooking. Most people, if they see an apron being worn by an attractive woman, can’t help thinking about what she would look like if she was entirely naked underneath it. It seems as if the apron is underwear masquerading as outerwear.

An apron is perfect fetishistic tease. Viewed from the front it covers almost everything but from the back, nothing is left to the imagination. Worn on an otherwise naked woman, it exposes her derriere, back and shoulders to view with only a thin string-tied in a knot-left to prove that anything is being worn by her at all. Although aprons of different materials can be purchased, PVC, latex and sheer versions don’t possess the erotic significance of a plain, cotton one.

In Japan, the word Hadaka means nude and when it is paired with apron, a particular fetish is referred to. Hadaka apron is used to describe a situation where a person, almost always a woman, wears an apron over over her nude, or partially underwear covered body and poses with her back-view prominent. It is the counterpoint of the covered front and exposed back that  ensures the continued popularity of this kink.

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