Hoods and Masks

Hoods and masks appeal to fetishists in a specific and powerful way. Whether made from rubber, latex, PVC or leather, their unique value lies in the effect they have on the individuality of the wearer within a fetish scenario. The wearer of a closed bondage hood is not just objectified-turned into an anonymous function or compliant toy of the master or mistress-but is also cut off from sensory input as well as being denied the ability to make sound themselves. An open hood or mask, when worn by a dominating woman can have the opposite effect. Although the form-fitting hood removes characteristics like hair, chin-line and ears under its shiny material, it nevertheless defines the shape of the head without revealing it and allows the face to have complete and overwhelming emphasis. An elegantly framed face, like a projection screen in the dark, only requires the addition of a stern and haughty expression to focus the attention of a sub completely.

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