Butlers in the Buff – A Celebration of Masculine Beauty

Butlers in the Buff 

I remember a busy summer night several years ago when I was on holiday in the south of Spain. I was waiting for a friend on an unfamiliar street and, despite myself, I became fixated by the unusually high percentage of beautiful women that were around. But, instead of feeling intimidated by my competition, I quickly became envious of straight men. Straight women, by contrast, have far fewer opportunities to enjoy such abundant offerings of premium eye candy.

Some might argue that the female body is more aesthetically pleasing than its masculine equivalent. That simply isn’t true. To my mind, there’s nothing quite like that inverted triangle of wide shoulders and powerful arms. Then, there’s the ‘V’ of the lower abdomen that leads down to his pubis. That’s the kind of male physique that can make you feel like a delicate flower and a divine, all-powerful, Goddess at the same time.

I remember watching the Fifty Shades of Grey films in the cinema – all three of them – for my sins. Although I’m no great fan of the trilogy, I must admit that I did enjoy ogling Jamie Dornans toned physique during the numerous sex scenes. The fact that I saw it on the big screen, and in the company of some of my best female friends, only made our display of ogling, drooling, nudging and giggling all the more scandalous. It was the perfect opportunity for some high-quality female bonding. In other words, the offering of masculine beauty can improve female friendships. Now, isn’t that a wonderful thing?

I was pondering that idea when I discovered Cheeky Butlers in the Buff in Marbella Banus. Their service is a fantastic way to invest in your friendships while extolling the numerous virtues of the male body. Instead of being cool and enigmatic, like Mr Grey, these butlers are smiley, cheerful and accommodating. More importantly, they will be attentive to your needs and not the other way around.

Booking a Butlers in the Buff package is an ideal way to celebrate a hen do. It’s not often that we – as women – get the chance to truly appreciate the end result of good male genes and hours of hard work and dedication in the gym. Added to that, we can be waited on, hand and foot, by an endearing gentleman, who just happens to be almost naked except for an apron, a bow tie, cuffs and a big, charming smile.


I wish that I’d known about this service when my own friends from Uni were getting married. In the past, I’ve been organised several hen-nights for friends of mine from the UK. My status as a Spanish resident means that I can put my local knowledge to good use if they choose to fly over and experience something a bit different than being pampered on a spa break or going out as a group to get drunk.

There’s no doubt that getting an invitation to a hen night is much more valuable than its wedding equivalent. The former offers unfiltered fun with no worries about how you’re acting in front of the new in-laws. Those who attend are part of an exclusive inner circle of highly trusted friends. Although weddings can be fun on their own terms, they are required to be a more tightly regulated, civilised affair. I remember being thanked for my hen night organisational skills during a wedding speech. I smiled, gave a knowing nod, hoped that the glint in my eye wasn’t too obvious and practised maximum discretion.  After all, what happens on a hen night, remains embedded in the memories of everyone who was there and reminiscences should be a luxury restricted to participants only.

Of course, it goes without saying that you don’t need a wedding to justify hiring a Cheeky Butler in the Buff experience. Booking the service can be the excuse you need to get away with the girls and celebrate sisterhood in the very best surroundings.

One increasingly popular option with British customers is the Marbella Boat Party. There’s something incredibly luxurious about being able to lounge around on a boat and soak up the sunlight, just like celebrities do. This isn’t any ordinary boat trip, of course; it comprises a two or three-hour cruise (whichever you prefer) on a large catamaran, unlimited drinks (two bottles of bubbly per person to celebrate with a champagne spray), and one Cheeky Butler to serve refreshments and play games with the girls. Groups in excess of fifteen will be provided with two Cheeky Butlers. If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you then the addition of an unforgettable striptease show might just tip the balance.

There’s little doubt that a uniquely memorable time can be enjoyed by everyone who chooses to leave the cold, grey skies of the UK and travel for just a few short hours. I have to admit that – after seeing the video below – I wished I had a close friend who was about to get married. As well as looking like a lot of fun, the sun, sea and bay of Marbella offer the ideal background scenery for all of those selfies that will be guaranteed to make your friends – and work colleagues back at home – sick with envy.

Cheeky Butler Marbella Banus offers a whole array of pampering possibilities. There are activities available for all tastes and group sizes. They can take care of planning the whole package or just arrange a specific activity; their flexibility ensures that you can expect the same level of attention whether you book well in advance or if you decide on a last minute getaway.

The great service begins upon arrival. The company offers transfers from Malaga airport to Marbella or Puerto Banus. As well as accommodation, you can book many activities to suit all tastes. For example, you can enjoy canapés served by a butler at your villa, themed dinners, cocktail classes, personalised pub crawls, nightclub entry, hen parties at your villa, champagne breakfasts, boat parties, professional photo shoots and – for the more daring – a male stripper show.

For more information and to receive a quote, visit: https://www.cheekybutlermarbellabanus.com/




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