bra tease Venus O'Hara by Yuky

Bra Tease (Lingerie Fetish) – Venus O’Hara

I’ve always had a bra fetish. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many of them. Today, the average American woman owns six bras; I’ve got 25, but I want more. A lot more.

I’ve always been around a size 90b. All women know that their breast size will fluctuate according to time of the month, taking the pill and their overall body weight. I know different since this photo-shoot. I’d always wanted to do a session that was bra-orientated but, when the time finally came, I was shocked to find that my favourite bras no longer fit me.

I’d been investing more and more time in regular sport and, as a result, it seemed that my breasts had changed for the better. Most women would be disappointed by this, but not me. My breasts have never been as firm and pert as they are now.

bra tease Venus O'Hara by Yuky

So, for the set, I had to get some new bras quickly and when I did I found out that I was now a size 90a instead. Coincidentally, one of my slaves had suddenly become bossy and disobedient before the shoot and he needed urgent correction. As a perfect punishment, I decided that he should be the one to fund my new 90a bra replacement collection. A box, containing all the ones I had stipulated, arrived a few days later. An extensive range of pictures featuring me wearing these new bras will follow very soon.

I’m waiting for my slave to misbehave and feed my fetish for new bras again soon.

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Photos by YUKY

12 thoughts on “Bra Tease (Lingerie Fetish) – Venus O’Hara”

  1. You make Gaga look like much a chav who try too much to be on the edge. My meow-area loves your body more than ever before with your long neck and back with such pretty little breast. I buzzing with sex from this.

  2. pardonmyhardon

    Those small shoulders of yours were made to have bra-straps tugged down them and that softly muscled back is a dream as the back fastening is loosened and opened. So yummy.

  3. Can’t get over how good your hair looks in these pics – so good against that delicious white skin of yours. You’re so lovely.

  4. I just want to massage your neck and kiss your amazing back. More bra teasing soon I hope?

  5. savethewhaletailforlast

    White skin, red nails and long hair, green eyes? You’ve got everything going on at once. Everything I love. Kisses!

  6. My fave fetish model mugs me again completely with this subtle reminder of how simple real pleasure can be when delivered by the only redhead goddess that matters.

  7. punishingkisses

    Like Nicole Kidman might have been before she vanished under boxes of botox and unkind gravity,,,you make more than 10 of her. If only you had been in Moulin Rouge instead. Sigh.

  8. simonballs69

    You are clever, stylish and so beautiful against a white wall with such red lips and best body. You are such sex!

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