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Body Hair: Smooth or Hairy?  My Orgasmic Lifestyle.

Body Hair: Smooth or Hairy?  My Orgasmic Lifestyle.

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus responds to an online question she received about body hair. How did she feel about having her body hair photographed?


Venus doesn’t know whether the question referred to armpit hair, pubic hair or leg hair. So, she decided to talk about all types of body hair. 


She demonstrates that she doesn’t have armpit hair at that moment. A couple of years ago, she decided to let it grow for the first time in her life. It was an interesting experience. At first, she did it out of curiosity. 


Venus receives a lot of traffic to her website: and a significant amount of it relates to armpit hair. A while back, she felt that she didn’t have enough content for: ‘those armpit searchers.’ She wished to offer them more variety while feeding her own curiosity.


She’s never been a hairy person, so growing her armpit hair took ages. The hair was fine, blonde and took 3 months to show properly. It was only then that she could take a decent photo of it. The feeling of having armpit hair: ‘was quite weird.’


At that point, she was still using deodorant. She doesn’t use it at all any more, choosing coconut oil instead. It smells delicious, which some of her lovers can attest to. When she had armpit hair, however, the deodorant meant that the hairs became hard. That felt odd.


Just sweating, in general, became very uncomfortable. It smelt stronger too. Venus finds that shaving is a great way to control body odour.


When she was finally able to take some good photos of her armpit hair, she uploaded them to Instagram, and her website. She found that they received a mixed reaction. Some longtime fans called them ‘disgusting.’ Then she told some people, that she knew personally, about her armpit hair. They asked to see it. When Venus showed them, they blanched.


There is a view that armpit hair is somehow dirty and unpleasant. For Venus, that opinion was an incentive to keep it. The most frustrating thing was when she received fan mail from armpit hair aficionados. 


They wrote about all the things that they wanted to do to her armpits. She wanted someone like that in her life. At the time, she was celibate. There was no one to fully appreciate the fact of her armpit hair.


Finally, after 5 months of growth, Venus had to shave her armpits for a nude cover shoot. She was launching her own sex toy – the O Venus. She remembers using a trimmer and watching, sadly, as the hairs dropped off and ended up in the toilet.


She had regrets about all the online declarations of affection aimed at her armpit hair. 5 months of effort ended with a  few moments of trimming. She hasn’t grown any armpit hair since. She still shaves her armpits once a week, that’s all it needs.


Then, directing her attention downwards, Venus talks about pubic hair. She’s never participated in a photoshoot where her ‘nether-regions’ have been shown. For her, that’s: ‘way too intimate.’ She does have pubic hair preferences though. If she’s sharing an intimate moment, she prefers to be smooth.


Smoothness isn’t something she maintains all the time. In her opinion: ‘it’s not good for your skin.’ She explains: ’If you’re smooth only occasionally, it feels more sensual when you are.’ A little while ago, she had laser hair removal, but: ‘kept the landing strip.’ 


After 3 sessions, everything else had gone. She thought it was a fantastic choice. And she: ‘got rid of all those hairs that I’m never going to want.’ In fact: ‘her gorilla days are not very gorilla any more.’ The best thing about the treatment was that the skin was perfect afterwards.


Venus explains that unless you go for: ‘the full bush’, pubic hair does require some regular maintenance. ‘Waxing’ used to cause skin irritation and: ‘that wasn’t a good look.’ She would always prefer to have pubic hair than end up with: ‘smooth skin with lots of red bumps.’


She shaves her leg hairs twice a week. They’re not especially hairy, fortunately. And she only has to do it up to her knees. She’s never had hairy thighs.


For Venus, hair removal is a simple operation that doesn’t have to be done very often.

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