BOA Toys Femme Fountain Sex Toy Review

The other day, I saw a TED talk about female orgasm. The speaker told of how she discovered her clitoris and all its powerful pleasure attributes thanks to a showerhead. I know that she wasn’t alone in this. In fact, many women embark on their personal clitoral journeys all thanks to a decent shower head. 


I must admit that this was never the case for me. Instead, I discovered my clitoral capabilities when I enjoyed nocturnal orgasms. I used to wake up feeling a set of strong spasms that felt delicious. I was often sleepy and confused in the darkness. Then, I would grab a pillow, place it between my thighs and hump it until the spasms would subside. I would then go back to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, it all felt like a dream. It was a hazy memory to the point where sometimes I wasn’t 100% sure whether it had actually happened or not. 


Now that I’m working in a coworking space for sustainable businesses, I’m becoming more conscious about my carbon footprint and how I can live a more sustainable lifestyle. As someone who is vegan and has no vehicle, I’m already showing the planet lots of love through my lifestyle. When I received this Femme Fountain from BOA toys, I was concerned about water wastage, but in fact, it is THE sustainable solution for women who love their showerheads. 


Let me explain. 


Showerhead lovers might waste a lot of water as they enjoy their orgasmic showers. Assuming that they are also there to wash their hair and body… Whereas this system re-uses the same water and it requires a bathtub, 


As I don’t have a bathtub, I had to wait before I could enjoy the virtues of the Femme Fountain. Fortunately, I was travelling frequently over the last few weeks, so I made sure I stayed in hotels with bathtubs, just so that I could try the Femme Fountain. It was the beginning of July and I was in Berlin for the SxTech convention. I was invited to give a speech about how I prepare my reviews. It was the evening after my speech in Berlin hotel when I could finally relax and enjoy the Femme Fountain. 


It is a water pump that you place in your bathtub. It has 2 settings, low and high. It provides direct clitoral stimulation with water. The toy doesn’t come into contact with the body. 

PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard elegant box with a ribbon. Anyone who receives it will know that they are in for a treat. 


MATERIAL: ABS, but your body doesn’t come into contact with it. 


NOISE LEVEL: Moderate. 

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: There are 2 different strengths, low and high.


USABILITY: I wish I had read the instructions before switching it on! In the instructions, it advises you to point the stamen/nozzle down before switching it on. I didn’t think of this, although it’s fairly obvious, and I ended up with water all over the bathroom floor. I put some towels down and then proceeded to try again. You need to adjust the stamen and stem in order to obtain the desired arc of water according to your position. I ended up kneeling up in the bath with my hands resting against the tiles as I enjoyed a very new type of sensation. 


There are 2 levels of stimulation, low and high. If you want to increase the intensity, bear in mind that you will have to adjust the stamen and stem accordingly to find your desired arc. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I think it must have taken me longer than most showerhead connoisseurs, but I got there in the end. I had a lot going on in mind before I could focus on some of my favourite fantasies. Even though I don’t use my showerhead for masturbation, I have tried and I can tell you that it never felt like this. Of course, every showerhead is different, but this is one arc of water as opposed to several smaller, less intense ones. This is much more direct. 

PROS: Original idea. Elegant packaging. Excellent value for money. Easy to operate. Fun! 


CONS: Not silent. You need a bathtub. 



  • Showerhead lovers. 
  • Direct clitoral stimulation. 
  • An original gift. 
  • Women who have a bathtub. 


For more information about the Femme Fountain from BOA toys, visit

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