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Sex & Relationships

Motherhood And Sexuality: 6 Important Things To Know

To this day, there are still a lot of myths surrounding motherhood and sexuality. The common misconception is that women tend to be less open …

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The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire

Reclaim Your Power with Karen Brody, World-Class Man Coach and Best-Selling Author of “Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & …

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Fetish Glossary

Fetish Dating vs Vanilla Dating

In the real world, the first piece of information that you usually learn about someone is their name and profession. In the fetish world, however, …

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The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

Eat to Live with Dr. Joel Fuhrman Best-Selling Author and Internationally Recognised Expert on Nutrition

Eat to Live with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Seven-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author and Internationally Recognised Expert on Nutrition and Natural Healing   Dr. Joel …

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Sex & Relationships

What Happens When Fantasies Come True?

They say that you should be careful what you wish for. And not because you just might get it, as the Pussycat Dolls sang. The …

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Sex & Relationships

4 Ways To Have A Hot, Intimate Time With Your Partner

  Intimacy is important in every relationship. When intimate time is lacking, both partners can feel lonely and disconnected from the other. This blog post …

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Sex & Relationships

Men’s Health: How To Improve Your Sexual Health

  The proportion of men want to improve their own and their partners’ enjoyment and contentment during sexual activity. Focusing solely on sex life, on …

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Sex & Relationships

Unexpected Things I Experienced When Dating Online

Online dating is all the rage. To some, it may sound awkward, and a tad weird, because you’re meeting strangers. Some people meet the love …

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Fetish Glossary

Fetishists in the Closet

  A fetish is something that you usually keep as a secret. Only you and your Google search history know the nature and real extent …

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The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

Interview with Janey Lee Grace – Author of Happy Healthy Sober

In this episode of The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast, Venus is joined by BBC Radio Presenter, Author, and Natural Wellbeing Expert Janey Lee Grace to discuss …

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The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

Becoming Cliterate with Dr. Laurie Mintz, Author of “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters And How to Get It”

In the first-ever episode of The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast, Venus is joined by Feminist Professor, Author, and Therapist Dr Laurie Mintz to discuss her best …

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The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

Why I Decided to Launch a Podcast – The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

I am very excited to announce the launch of my brand new podcast: The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast by Venus O’Hara.  I’m here to welcome you …

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Sex & Relationships

Male Sexual Enhancement Drugs: To Buy or Not to Buy?

1 day, 2 days, 3 days…1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks…1 month! Okay, it’s safe to say: Houston, we’ve got a problem! You start surfing …

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Fetish Glossary

My Vegan Fetish

‘A table for one please’ I ask the waitress in a vegan restaurant. She looks at me pityingly, although there’s really no need for her …

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Clitoral Stimulators

G Spa OSUGA – A Double-Ended Sex Toy – Sex Toy Review

I use sex toys to create the life I desire. For the last three years, every masturbation session has been a ‘sex magick’ session. Before …

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