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Men's Sex Toys

Experience Sensual Bliss: Pocket Vagina and Male Sex Toys

Based on a survey conducted in 2022, the sex toy market is projected to grow to around 52.7 billion US dollars by the year 2026 …

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Vibrant Viewings
Erotic Stories

Vibrant Viewings by Venus O’Hara

“I’m looking for something very special. With original features to renovate to my liking,” said a client who had called the real estate agency where …

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The Best of Both Worlds
Erotic Stories

The Best of Both Worlds by Venus O’Hara

The best nights are always the ones you don’t expect much from. That’s how it was when I went out clubbing with a former coworker …

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Stay At My Place
Erotic Stories

Stay At My Place by Venus O’Hara

I hear the intercom buzzer ring and I panic. Oh fuck. He’s here. It’s the moment of no return. All of a sudden, I’m filled …

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Spiritual Warfare
Erotic Stories

Spiritual Warfare by Venus O’Hara

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath,” he says.  I am sitting on the floor with crossed legs, following my yoga teacher’s instructions. The …

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Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator
Budget Sex Toys

2 in 1 Vibrator Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator Sohimi Review

Sohimi Biting and Licking Clitoris Stimulator Nipple Sucking Female Vibrator One of the only reasons I like to review moving toys is because of their …

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Sex Before Dinner
Erotic Stories

Sex Before Dinner by Venus O’Hara

“Let’s meet for dinner at my place,” I wrote in a text message to a guy I was seeing. I was in an Irish airport …

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LELO Soraya Beads

LELO Soraya Beads Review – Luxurious Anal Training 

I must confess that anal stimulation isn’t my thing. Despite this, I profoundly acknowledge the pleasure that the anus can provide. For example, the entrance …

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Our First Time
Erotic Stories

Our First Time by Venus O’Hara

I know something is going to happen between us. It’s obvious. The question is how is it going to transpire. I get a nervous thrill …

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My Masturbation Muses
Erotic Stories

My Masturbation Muses by Venus O’Hara

  Two things can happen when you masturbate thinking about someone with whom you’ve never been intimate. It can either increase your desire for that …

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suspension title venus o'hara by yuky
Erotic Stories

Look into My Eyes by Venus O’Hara

They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. I don’t know if that’s true. But I do know that I want to try …

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Sex & Relationships

Crack the Code of Chat Lines: 6 Tips for Captivating Conversations

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the art of conversation is evolving rapidly, and chat lines have emerged as a popular platform for meeting new people …

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LELO Enigma Wave
Clitoral Stimulators

LELO Enigma Wave: Triple Stimulation for Blended Orgasms – Review

LELO Enigma Wave Triple Stimulation for Blended Orgasms   Last night, I had a friend over for dinner and as we were enjoying dessert, we …

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Lingerie Inspection
Erotic Stories

Lingerie Inspection by Venus O’Hara

‘Are you any good at tying bows?’ I ask him.  He looks confused.  He is sitting down and I go to stand before him. I …

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Let Me Control It
Erotic Stories

Let Me Control It by Venus O’Hara

Don’t get me wrong. I like how you touch me. I like how you taste me. But I simply cannot lie back, be present and …

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