Black Lace Blindfold

Many fetishists think that lace blindfolds are a bit pointless. After all, a blindfold should restrict vision and deprive the wearer of vital sensory information – not allow them to see their master/mistress whenever they choose.

As far as I’m concerned there’s only one drawback with black lace blindfolds and that’s the number of people who just can’t see their obvious fetish potential.When I wore the black lace blindfold – that you see in these images – I felt dominant in front of the photographer, not submissive as I might have anticipated.

When I wear sunglasses I can see perfectly but the person I’m talking to can feel uncomfortable and anxious because the eye-contact between us has been disrupted – wilfully, – by my choice of eyewear. My feelings, responses and thoughts – usually so easy to read in my huge, expressive, eyes can no longer be interpreted or relied upon. Lace blindfolds serve the same function in BDSM roleplay.

This accessory is unique in the grey area it occupies between submissive blindfolds and dominant masks. If you want to be submissive in a lace blindfold, all you need to do is close your eyes and adopt that persona. If you want to be dominant, just keep your eyes open and use the confusing filter of the black lace to intimidate your slave further by staring at them through it. They won’t know how to respond, trust me.

During the shoot I wasn’t able to express myself with my eyes fully so I needed a way to impose my fetish personality on the images in another way. I decided to use my mouth and lips instead and chose smoking as the ideal way to do it. I remembered the 100 slims that I kept from a previous smoking fetish photo-set, found one and lit it.

I was very careful not to drop ash on my body-stockinged figure as I posed and pulled on the cigarette. I swayed slowly from side to side between shots and felt the nipple tassles dragging against me beneath the clinging, black, mesh.

The photographer understood the value of black lace blindfolds almost immediately and trembled just a little.

Whoever said black lace blindfolds were pointless?

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Photos by Sebas Romero


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20 thoughts on “Black Lace Blindfold”

  1. I simply adore this debauched and theatrical persona of yours. Your manipulation of the long cigarette is the sweetest frisson of fetish spectacle.

  2. You’re just the sort of dainty harlot that fishnet was invented for. Smoking and a blindfold as well? Wonderful.

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