Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator

2 in 1 Vibrator Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator Sohimi Review

Sohimi Biting and Licking Clitoris Stimulator Nipple Sucking Female Vibrator

Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator

One of the only reasons I like to review moving toys is because of their impact on social media. Seeing a moving toy is always a guarantee for views and comments. In the past, I’ve enjoyed seeing my posts with moving parts gain a lot of traction. I enjoy the extra attention on my platforms. But this euphoria often grinds to an abrupt halt when I actually try the toy in question and discover that it doesn’t live up to my high expectations. 


In parallel, I’m always looking to review toys and products that offer different types of stimulation because after reviewing over 800 toys in 10 years, I am curious about discovering new sex tech innovations. I am fascinated by the fact that pleasure tech is constantly evolving and that there are ever-increasing innovations to provoke pleasure. I want to try everything! 


I must confess that when I saw this Biting and Licking Stimulator from Sohimi, I was more thinking about how it would look in a TikTok video than on my clitoris, but then when I tried it, I was literally blown away. I was impressed with how it felt against my nipple, ear and my vulva. I didn’t try rimming because that’s not really my thing tbh. 


It looks so original and seeing it in action is truly mesmerising. Here is what it does in a nutshell: 


  • 2 in 1 Vibrator 
  • 10 Biting & Vibrating Modes 
  • 100% Waterproof · 
  • Perfect Size 
  • Various Playing Methods

Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator

PACKAGING: No frills packaging just includes a USB charging cable and a leaflet with the user manual. 


MATERIAL: It is made of body-safe silicone and is 100% waterproof. You can use it in the bath or the shower and it’s easy to clean. Although it’s a bit tricky to dry inside the ‘mouth’ of the toy, I would recommend leaving it face down to dry and using a Q tip for extra meticulous cleaning and drying. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. 


STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: It’s more buzzy than rumbly. I usually prefer rumbly vibes but it was surprisingly satisfying. The tongue vibrates and some residual vibrations can be felt on the lips. 


NOISE LEVEL: If you use the vibrator only, then it’s pretty quiet, When you use the biting function it makes a lot more noise. Check out the video below for a complete sound check. For discreet moments, use it as a vibrator only. 


USABILITY: It’s very intuitive to use. There are 2 motors that can be controlled individually. First, you have to switch the toy in so it goes on standby before activating the biting, vibration or both. You can use it as a nipple stimulator, an anal stimulator for rimming, or an ear stimulator. It is also a cunnilingus simulator. It could also be the perfect couple’s toy for erogenous exploration or for tickling, To experience this, you can blindfold your partner make them lie down and then use the toy to explore their body from head to toe. Using it on the armpits or the soles of the feet can be really intense if you are into erotic tickling. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: OMG, it was amazing and as I wrote this, I just want to go home and use it again. The biting combined with the vibration feels amazing, but in order to have an orgasm, I needed to use the vibrating tongue against my clitoral glans, I used it on its side so that the tongue was lengthwise against my vulva with the labia on each side of my labia. The lips of the toy also have residual vibration which feels amazing against the labia, which indirectly stimulates the internal clitoris. 


PROS: Versatile. Orginal. Independent motors, Waterproof. Ergonomic. 


CONS: It’s quite noisy when you use the biting function 




  • Clitoral stimulation. 
  • Anal stimulation 
  • Earlobe stimulation
  • Nipple stimulation. 
  • Erotic tickling. 
  • Erogenous exploration. 

Biting and Licking Mouth Clitoris Stimulator

For more information about this Biting and Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator from Sohimi, click here: 


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