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Top 5 Male Masturbators

During a mindblowing sexual encounter, there are some people (mainly women) who start to imagine the future with the person they are in bed with. As they get their breath back after an explosive orgasm, they might consider cohabiting, a wedding, children’s names and growing old together. I must admit that none of that springs to mind when I’m indulging in hot sex with an enthusiastic partner. I prefer to be fully present instead. For me, the only meaningful reality exists in the here and now. After all, how can you be fully present if you are obsessing about the future?

My spiritual awakening has affected my relationships with men profoundly and has manifested itself in the most positive ways imaginable. Needless to say, I’m not looking for a husband. I would much rather find a ‘twin flame’ and connect on a mental, emotional and spiritual level (as well as having amazing sex). A twin flame shouldn’t be confused with a soul mate. Unlike the latter – which are supposedly our perfect matches (or our spiritual family) – twin flames are our mirrors.

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I sometimes wonder what it might be like to really meet my true match. I often ask myself if I would be able to cope with the challenge of going out with a guy who was just like me – bt a masculine version. My twin flame would be defined as being a spiritual guy with a high sex drive. He would be teetotal, high on life and – most importantly – someone who owns a collection of sex toys just as impressive as my own.

It would no doubt be a blessing to find someone who truly understands my passion for personal pleasure devices. We could indulge in mutual masturbation sessions or even use a variety of toys during penetration or foreplay. I wonder if we would share tips on cleaning them, storing them and maintaining them. Perhaps we would even include some of our favourite toyfriends in our liaisons.

One thing is for sure, we certainly wouldn’t get bored.

In general, people often assume that sex toys are just for women. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people think erroneously, that male sex toys are limited to sex dolls and butt plugs, which is not the case at all. Modern male sex toys are products tailored to all sexual orientations and they can be enjoyed during either solo or couple’s play.

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The variety of male masturbation devices is growing all the time. For example, a male masturbator can offer the prospect of focussed penile stimulation which might be a change from your tried and tested right (or left) hand over the years. Thanks to the continued advancement of the male sex toy sector, masturbation doesn’t have to be a strictly solo enterprise; it can be a thrilling component of foreplay.

One of my favourite techniques for introducing a male sex toy into a foreplay scenario would be to blindfold my subject first. Then, while he is oblivious to everything happening around him, I’d apply the device to his hardness and press the ‘ON’ button. Not forgetting to apply some lubricant beforehand, of course. The surprised expression on his face might be interpreted as: ‘I like it but what the hell is it?’ That response would really turn me on as I adore being in control.

In fact, when I discovered the best male masturbators in 2018, I couldn’t believe how advanced male sex toys had become and how sophisticated their pleasure offering was. I almost wished that I could test them myself. When I studied psychology briefly at university, I dismissed Freud’s theories relating to ‘penis envy’. They were pure codswallop, or so I convinced myself. But now, after gaining a fuller appreciation of the impressively diverse male masturbatory sex toy offering, I can see that he might have had a point, no pun intended.

Some vibrate, there are textured sleeves that you move yourself and there are even dedicated oral sex simulators. Imagine the possibility of having the equivalent of a first-class blow job available to you whenever you felt like it? How about being able to dictate the precise rhythm, pressure, and duration without feeling bad about whether your partner was becoming fatigued by your demands.

That eventuality seems profoundly intriguing and highly provocative, as long as my lover wasn’t more into his toys than he was into me. Under those circumstances, I think that the idea of meeting my twin flame – a guy very much like me in many ways – would be rather fabulous.

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