Best LELO Sex Toys – Read Before Buying A LELO Product

I have all of LELO’s products in my vast collection of sex toys that comprises 700 pleasure products. I have 2 boxes that are full of LELO products. They are known for their luxury packaging and high-quality products. 


Here is how they describe themselves: 


“LELO has long established itself as THE luxury pleasure brand, leading the market in design, innovation, technology, and reputation. But LELO is not just a pleasure toy brand; it’s a self-care movement aimed at those who know that satisfaction transcends gender, orientation, race, and age. We’re offering the experience of ecstasy without shame, the pleasure of discovering all the wonders of one’s body, arming our customers with confidence that leads to a fulfilled intimate life.”


After trying all of LELO’s products, below you will find a selection of my top 5. These are the very best in my humble opinion. Please note that I do not recommend Sona, Enigma, Soraya Wave or the LELO wand, simply because there are much better options. 


Read on to discover my top 5 best LELO products.


Ina Wave 3



I first received Ina Wave around 8 years ago if I’m not mistaken when it first came out. It is probably one of my most repeated sex toys ever and that is saying something given the fact that I receive new products every week. 


It is a rabbit vibrator that has an optional ‘come-hither’ function on the shaft that stimulates the G spot. I love using it in its intended way as a dual clitoral and G spot stimulator with and without the wave function. I also enjoy using it completely eternally, as a clitoral and perineum stimulator. It is very versatile. 


There are many reasons to love Ina Wave: 


  • Amazing deep, rumbly motors. 
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Can be used hands-free. 
  • Sheet gripping orgasms. 


Get your own Ina Wave 3 from LELO here. 


Lily 2 


Lily 2 is an incredible clitoral stimulator with a deep, rumbly motor. Despite its reduced dimensions, it is a super strong vibrator and that’s probably why I love it so much. The shape is ergonomic to hold and it massages the labia as well as the clitoral glans. I personally prefer this type of stimulation as opposed to pinpoint, direct clitoral stimulation. I have often taken it with me on holiday because of its discreet size and the fact that it’s super strong without being loud. 


Reasons to love Lily 2: 


  • Strong yet silent
  • Discreet size 
  • Long-lasting battery of 4 hours. 
  • Ergonomic shape for incredible sensations and intense orgasms. 


Get your own Lily 2 from LELO here.


Sila Cruise


I seriously LOVE Sila Cruise. I love the shape and size of the nozzle that envelopes my clitoral glans and provides sonic wave stimulation. It is not a vibrator, so if you’re looking to try some new sensations, it’s perfect. It is more gentle than Sona and much more pleasant. The shape is cute. It reminds me of a snail. 


Reasons to love Sila Cruise: 


  • Incredible sensation on the clitoris. 
  • The shape of the nozzle. 
  • Memorable orgasms 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. 


Get your own Sila Cruise from LELO here.


Ida Wave 



I recently tried Ida Wave and I seriously LOVED it. It is such an original concept. The shape is incredibly ergonomic and orgasmic. It can be used hands-free and it doesn’t slip out of the body as so many similar moving toys can. The internal component rotates, vibrates and stimulates the G spot and the external part vibrates and expertly stimulates the clitoris and provokes delicious orgasms. The insertable component is not very big and is ideal for those who don’t enjoy large phalluses inside. 


Reasons to love Ida Wave:


  • Original shape and concept. 
  • Can be used hands-free. 
  • Off-the-charts orgasms. 
  • Stimulation through simultaneous movement and vibration. 


Get your own Ida Wave from LELO here.


Ora 3 


Known as an oral sex simulator, I remember I had my first LELO-gams with the first Ora. The product has been updated and improved over the years and it just gets better and better. From what I have read in other sex toy reviews, not everyone loves Ora 3 as much as I do. I seriously LOVE it. There is a protruding nub that rotates and moves from side to side and the toy also vibrates. There is one setting where you can enjoy the rotating nub without vibration. It is excellent to use while you enjoy a fantasy about someone giving you an enthusiastic cunnilingus session. 


Reasons to love Ora 3: 


  • Original concept and sensations. 
  • Highly orgasmic. 
  • Combined with an oral sex fantasy, it’s explosive. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. 

Get your own Ora 3 from LELO here.


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