Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

Behind the Camera

“I know you say you love playing the dominant role, but I’m sure you’d enjoy being the submissive much more.” This is what my friend’s husband told me after serving me a glass of champagne on a Friday night. The three of us were sitting on their living room sofa after having dinner at their place. 


I frowned with confusion before taking my first sip. I must confess that for a millisecond, I felt slightly offended that he had questioned my dominant credentials. But before I could protest or get defensive, I suddenly shuddered as I felt my friend’s long nails run up the back of my neck and then gather my hair in her fingers. My whole body tingled in response. I sighed, took a sip of champagne, and closed my eyes. 


At that moment, I thought it was their way of proposing a threesome. Although her touch awoke my sensual delights, I wasn’t thinking about getting intimate with them. We spoke about sex a lot and I knew that they were a liberal couple but I had no intentions of getting involved in any of their sexual shenanigans. I was thinking about how I could politely reject them without offending them. However, when I opened my eyes again, her husband was pointing to a camera on the coffee table and he explained that he wanted to take erotic photos of me with his wife, in which I would play the submissive while she dominated me. 


I almost spat my champagne out in shock. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. His proposal amused me. I wasn’t in the mood to pose in any way that night. Despite this, I was in the mood to watch. I am quite a voyeur after all. That’s when it occurred to me that I should be the photographer while they posed for me. Luckily, they both thought it was a fantastic idea. We finished our drinks, went to the bedroom, and got to work in our respective roles. Me behind the camera while they gave me a private performance. 


They started kissing and undressing as if I were just a fly on the wall watching them. I lost myself in a trance of clicks and flashes, paying attention to every detail thanks to the zoom button. I love watching live sex. It’s a thousand times more authentic than porn. Especially when it is a real couple. The mutual desire and attraction they shared wasn’t just visible, I could feel it. However, watching my friends do it from behind a camera lens was such a surreal experience that I think I’ll never look at them in the same way again. And that’s not a bad thing, I actually had a new understanding of their intimate connection and of their relationship. He was so loving and generous with her. I loved seeing how he was so familiar with her sexual responses and tastes. I could tell that he cared deeply about her pleasure and that was even a turn-on for me. 


After an intense session of foreplay followed by penetrative sex in the missionary position, I soon started directing the session and began giving them instructions: “Move your leg!” “Stay still!” “Stick your butt out!”… It got to the point where I wasn’t just directing the photo shoot, but I was also telling them how to have sex. 


Other times, I just let them do their own thing while I was a silent observer, moving around them and looking out for any details that captured my attention. It was an unexpected turn-on to be present and enjoy the obvious connection they shared. They seemed to be oblivious to my presence as they focussed on pleasuring each other as I focussed on them. 


167 photos later, they had both orgasmed, and I had seen everything. Instead of some post-coital hugging and cigarettes, they were keen to download the photos to see the results of our shoot as soon as possible. We all sat on the sofa again and went through the entire sequence of images. It was fascinating to see it all played out again on a big screen and to see their reactions.  That night, I learned that from behind a camera, you can see much more than what meets the eye. 

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  1. A fabulous story! We love this example of an intimate friendship that doesn’t involve all of the standard ideas of sex. You’ve got us thinking!

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